Letter from the Editor: In response to the letter published Dec. 7, 2016


Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

On December 7, The Daily Campus published a Letter to the Editor by Wayne Lela. The letter has resulted in many well founded complaints and concerns from the Mansfield and UConn community, including a response Letter to the Editor by Liza Rice published on December 8.

The Editorial Board would like to sincerely apologize for the distress and hurt caused by this letter.

The Letter to the Editor section is designed to allow members of the community to express their views within the same platform. Those views often differ from those of The Daily Campus. Historically, The Daily Campus has not censored those views at all. Instead, all views have been given a place.

The community, and its limits, have never been defined before. However, the digital age has made it harder to know who really is a member of the community, as opposed to who has found the Daily Campus from the outside and is taking advantage of the platform.

As we move forward, we will work harder to consider the legitimacy of letters and have scrutinized discussion about what does and does not get published. It may be time for The Daily Campus to implement a policy that defines this community more narrowly.

While the Editorial Board works to make this decision, the goal of The Daily Campus will continue to be to serve as a voice and platform for the community.

Julia Werth

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