Tapping the Keg: CT-based “Nothing Sacred” and “Steady Habit” breweries team up with new IPA


“Tapping the Keg” is a weekly review of craft beers brought to you by staff writer Dan Wood.

Two CT-based brewing companies, Nothing Sacred Brewing Company and Steady Habit Brewing, teamed up to create a new IPA last year. Their creation, Nothing Steady IPA, is a double dry hop IPA mixed with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops. (Athlex/Creative Commons)

Nothing Sacred Brewing Company is a small brewery located in Connecticut and has been reviewed very highly for their unique beers by beer-lovers around the country. Their beer, Awesome Sauce, is probably their most recognizable but is hard to find online; and from what I have been told, this brewery almost exclusively sell kegs to bars and are not quite ready for packaged retail, unless you know the right people.

This past Christmas, I was fortunate enough to receive a beer from a local brewer that is pretty hard to find, but well worth finding. I received a small growler of Connecticut brewed, Nothing Steady IPA second hand from one of the brewers himself. Along with a note that is as follows: “Nothing Sacred Brewing collaboration with Steady Habit Brewing. A double dry hop IPA (Indian Pale Ale) with tons of Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops. Nice dank tropical punch with a smooth, slight bitter finish.”

Pouring this beer out of the growler and into a chilled pint glass, we can see it’s beautiful color. Taking a slightly orange-amber color, this beer almost resembles orange soda, a nice aesthetic tip of the hat to its tropical flavor profile. This ale is slightly cloudy only to the point where you cannot see through the glass, implying that it is unfiltered. This beer has comparatively large carbonation and not much head retention but its big bubbles really help aromatize the beer, which is a crucial aspect of the flavor that shines through in the nose.

As previously stated, the nose of this beer is super tropical, herbaceous and pleasantly skunky. The top of this beer confirms much of the nose but with a much greater complexity for a beer with such a strong aroma. First, we are hit with intense hops with a buttery and vegetal undertone, much like a green mango. The body of this beer is really not too heavy or too light and has a very balanced and full middle to it. The middle is where the sweet and sour tropical flavors get to come into play. The most prominent flavors are that of jackfruit, soursop, passion fruit, and even a touch of grapefruit, without all the sugary sweetness usually found in these fruits. Instead it has a slight savory taste that forms with the depth and slight bitterness.  The finish is very mild for a beer with this loud of a flavor, making it very drinkable. Typically, in my experience, double dry hops can some times be very bitter or astringent on the finish but this beer is not like that at all, and still maintains the bitterness and hoppy aroma that you would expect. So if you manage to get your hands on this beer, pace yourself; it is 6.8 percent ABU and incredibly delicious.

Good food pairings for this beer would be grilled meats and vegetables, and especially fish like salmon, char and swordfish. The citrus-like qualities of this beer make it a great compliment to any seafood, really. This beer would also be good with any dish that is spicy or heavily seasoned, like curry or stir-fry. Lastly, because of its acidity and ability to refresh the palate, this beer would be good with any typical bar food of the salty, fatty or fried variety.

This beer is NOT available at Price Chopper, Storrs Wine and Spirits or Villa Spirit Shoppe. You might be able to special-order it from certain purveyors or even online but I failed to find a good source or even a local restaurant that serves it. Keep a look out for this brewing company in the near future, I have no doubt that they will be successful given their track record thus far, and excellence and local businesses should always be rewarded. I highly recommend this beer, it is unlike most IPAs that I have ever had.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Dan Wood is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at daniel.wood@uconn.edu.

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