Drink of the Week: Sweet S(tart)


This week’s drink of the week is called the Sweet S(tart). It features a blend of fruity and sweet flavors, including strawberries, raspberries and lime.  (Francesca Colturi/The Daily Campus)

As your new Associate Life Editor, I have taken over the Drink of the Week column, and for my first concoction, and first recommendation of the semester, I created the Sweet S(tart). Who doesn’t want to start the new year, new semester, or just a new night of drinking in a sweet way?

Luckily, I’m blessed with an aunt who loves to make drinks. She gave me liquor for my 21st Christmas, a full bottle of sweet & tart flavored vodka, the center of this new, sweet drink.


-Three Olives ‘Tartz’ 

– Vodka

– Rasberry Lime seltzer

– 2+ Strawberries & 

– Raspberries

– Lime Juice

– Ice

– Granulated sugar (garnish)


1. Chop up your strawberries and place them in the bottom of your glass. Muddle them, or crush them, with the handle of a wooden spoon or a small whisk. 

2. Add enough ice to fill the glass.

3. Pour 1 oz. of the Tartz vodka over the ice & berries. 

4. Add a dash of lime juice.

5. Fill the glass with seltzer.

6. (Optional) Wet the rim of another glass, pour some sugar onto a plate and twist the glass upside down on the sugar to create a sugary rim.

7. Stir and enjoy!

Francesca Colturi is associate life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at francesca.colturi@uconn.edu.

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