Record years: 2007 vs. 2017


The first generation iPhone came out a decade ago in 2007. The 10 year anniversary is rumored to be an explosive one with a three-phone release and possible all glass phones with wireless charging. (Borisindublin/Creative Commons)

With the beginning of the New Year comes a lot of reflection on the past. 2007 was one for the record books. A decade ago, we truly experienced a paragon of our societal advancement. From technology to fashion trends to music, movies and celebrities we very possibly have not experienced such cultural richness since that paramount year. We can only hope that 2017 will bring with it the same excitement, a welcome change after the mess that was the end of 2016.

2007 was a whirlwind year for technology. We saw the dawn of the first iPhone, causing uproar of speculation and criticism in the mobile phone world. Facebook grew wildly popular, as it introduced games and other applications. The Nintendo Wii console took the nation by storm, beating out the Xbox 360 and PS3 as the most popular gaming system. The Amazon Kindle was also released on the cusp of 2007, changing reading for the modern world as we knew it.

In 2017, however, there’s a lot more to look forward to. The tenth anniversary of the iPhone is speculated to be a special one. There is a rumored three-phone release in September and whispers of all glass phones with wireless charging. This year is expected to bring even higher use of the Snapchat and Instagram apps amongst millennials. There has already been evidence of a spike in augmented and virtual reality use in technology trends for 2017, following last summer’s release of Pokémon Go and attractions such as Superman The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster at Six Flags New England. Devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home are also likely to spark a flurry of other, similar hands-free assistant technology releases this year.

A decade ago was a major time for Hollywood. Not only did we see the release of some cinematic classics, such as “Ratatouille,” “Hairspray,” “Superbad,” “Bee Movie” and “Juno.”

In the music world, we were blessed with Rihanna’s “Good Girl Gone Bad” album, “Crank That” by Soulja Boy, Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” and Maroon 5’s “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long,” their second studio album. Kanye West gave us “Stronger” and there were too many songs with the word “shawty” in them. A young Justin Bieber was also coming on the scene. And of course, how could we forget Britney Spear’s breakdown.

We are only a few weeks into 2017, but we have already heard two new singles from Ed Sheeran after a one year hiatus from music, with a full album well on it’s way. The Chainsmokers’ released what can only be another overplayed single, “Paris.” Kehlani, Drake, TLC and Lorde have also promised new albums later this year. We have Camila Cabello’s, our resident Fifth Harmony dropout, solo career to look forward to. This year is also going to add some much anticipated movies to the mix, including the Justice League movie, “Spiderman: Homecoming,” the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” featuring Emma Watson and “Star Wars: Episode VIII.” Now, it’s impossible to predict whether or not anyone in the spotlight will pull a Britney this year, especially as Spears herself is doing quite well with a Vegas residency, but we can only hope.

Fashion in 2007 was almost otherworldly. Sequins and patent leather were in, as well as oversized purses and the sweater dress. People were very into eco-friendly fashion and there was a return to more modest styles. Celebrities wore pajamas and lingerie on red carpets, the Juicy Couture Velour tracksuit was in, and Louboutin and Louis Vuitton knockoffs were flying off the shelves. People made statements with their headbands, their bedazzled flip phones and very orange spray tans. Everyone wore an unnecessary amount of layers, including needlessly tiny vests and cardigans. Frosted lips, tube tops, and denim mini-skirts paired with cropped leggings were all the rage.

We’ve made it far in just a decade. From what we’ve seen from awards shows such as The Golden Globes, 2017 holds promise in the world of fashion. According to Elle Magazine and their friends at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and other major retailers, stripes and bold patterns are in this year, as well as fashion sneakers and extremely flared pants. One-shoulder or off-the-shoulder and bra tops are very in style now, as well as bell sleeves and athleisure.

Clearly there have been many improvements in the ten years since 2007, but some things never change. For example, the Kardashian’s are still kicking and, as Kylie Jenner herself demonstrated, the Juicy tracksuit is making a valiant return. Many of these old trends are making an ironic reappearance. Regardless of what happens in fashion and media, 2017 promises to be a very interesting year.

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