How to apply for graduation this spring


Students walk down Fairfield Way on their way to graduate. Students looking to graduate in May 2017 should check that they meet the necessary requirements. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

In addition to meeting the necessary credit requirements, students at the University of Connecticut must apply to graduate, need to have a good academic standing and must meet all the prerequisites prior to doing so, according to UConn’s Graduate School website.

In order to apply for graduation, students first need to log into their student admin account.  

Then students must visit the Graduate School website and click on “Current Students.” Next, they are to click on the drop box, and then click the option to apply for graduation, according to the UConn Graduate School website.

This will then direct students to visit the student center on Student Admin.

Students must then select the program in which they are graduating from. Afterwards, students will choose the term they plan to graduate in.

Students can then go to the next step on the Graduate School website.

Students have to visit the “Current Students” tab on the UConn Graduate School’s website  again and update their name to make sure that their diploma says their name accurately.

Students are directed to visit Student Admin again and go to the student center. There they can scroll down to the personal information tab, click the tab that says name, and then select the add a new name option and then the diploma option. Students can then write what they would like to appear on their diploma, according to the UConn Graduate School Website.

Students will then update their mailing information to receive their degree if they choose not to attend graduation, which can be found on Student Admin.  

Students are also encouraged to share their plans after graduation, and state whether they are headed toward the working world or graduate school.

“We’d also encourage students to keep track of their progress throughout their college careers so they always have a sense of whether they are on track to graduation in four years,” university spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said.

UConn works hard to make it easy for students to achieve the goal of graduation and has many people who are able to help out with the process as well, Reitz said.

“The undergraduate advisers in each school and college are a great resource for all students. They often have ideas and suggestions to help students address any hurdles they may encounter, or to help them determine their next steps on the path to graduation.” Reitz said.

Senior Kenyi Silva explained his experience with attempting to graduate.

“I’ve met with my advisor several times over the past year and he’s been very helpful. When I had to get my plan of study approved, it was pretty much all set since I’d met with him,” Silva said.

Silva further explained that meeting with his academic advisor regularly made getting his plan of study approved easier.

“Having a good and consistent relationship with your academic advisor allows for an incredibly smooth application process for graduation,” Silva Said.

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