Just Being Devine: Chic outfits for early, lazy mornings


Sometimes we wake up ready to conquer the world; we stick to one color palette, we remember eyeliner and we wear shoes other than our warm, warm Uggs. Other times, however, we wake up in a different state of mind. We lay in bed and try to plan our outfits in our head, we procrastinate changing out of our sleep attire and all we can think about is how long it will take to find coffee.

Sometimes leggings and an oversized sweater are all you need to be warm, comfortable and stylish. (Jacqueline Devine/The Daily Campus)

Sometimes leggings and an oversized sweater are all you need to be warm, comfortable and stylish. (Jacqueline Devine/The Daily Campus)

To an extent, the former scenario is preferable to the latter. But for all those days when you wish you could wear your flannel sweatpants to class, here are some better options that will leave people thinking, “wow, she really has it together,” while you’re thinking, “I was in bed two minutes ago.”


Let me preface by saying I was fervently against the jogger trend when it rose into style a few years ago. I could not understand why anyone would want their sweatpants to have a hair elastic around the ankle. But I digress. Since I bought my first pair about a year ago, I have not been able to stop wearing them.

Pair with a loose t-shirt, scarf and lace-up sneakers. This outfit is the definition of comfortable. The loose top coupled with the loose pants gives you maximum eating ability, without fear of looking bloated. Plus, the scarf adds an extra layer to give you something to nuzzle your face into as you walk to class.

Pair with a tight tank, an off-the-shoulder jacket and slide on sneakers. This is something I would wear to my job in the fashion industry. Swap your sweatpant joggers for a silkier version and add the chic-jacket trend to jazz up the look.


Let’s keep it real: leggings get us through any level of cold weather. To make a metaphor, leggings are the comfort food of fashion. Honestly, I have to make an effort to not wear leggings most days as they are both comfortable and practical.

Pair with a denim button-down, over-the-knee socks and high boots. This is my weekly go-to. Seriously, ask anyone. I honestly think my denim button-down sighs and thinks, “really, again?” every single week. The look is so easy, so comfortable and seasonally transitionable.

Pair with an oversized sweater and any variation of sneaker. This isn’t news to anyone. I have seen this outfit over and over and over but I felt like it needed to be in print: this outfit, if done right, can definitely look chic with the right sweater and the right sneaker.


For those days when you can’t decide if you’re feeling lazy, do yourself a favor and just try pulling out any pair of jeans (pending the weather). If you attend college in a warm state, you have the rare luxury of wearing ripped boyfriend jeans. If you go to college in a colder state (the majority of us), you will be most likely wearing your longest pair of dungarees.

Pair with a silk tank, an open sweater and slide-on sneakers. If you go to a colder school then I would highly recommend you wear a big jacket over this outfit however if you are one of the lucky people that attends a warm school, then go ahead and swap those sneakers for your choice of sandals.

Pair with a knit sweater and lined boots. This means Sorels, Uggs, L.L. Beans; if you can name a pair, just wear them. Yeah, the boots may not be classically chic but if you wear a neutral, monochromatic sweater then you are game to look cute.

There will most likely be a “warm day” version of this article but right now, all I can think about is being able to walk from my room to my car without my hair freezing to my scalp. When in doubt, pick your outfit out the night before; this way, you can spend an extra 15 minutes laying in bed…probably thinking about how to procrastinate starting breakfast.

Jacqueline Devine is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at jacqueline.devine@uconn.edu. Visit her website Just Being Devine for more editorials, recipes and beauty tips.

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