Students will make good advisors to administration


The Dean of Students Advisory Committee is a great way for students to get involved with the running of the university. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

The University of Connecticut has many organizations and programs with opportunities to positively impact the community here on campus. There are many ways to make an impact, have a voice and interact with administration. The Dean of Students Advisory Group (DOSAG) is one of the groups in which you can do all three.

The goal of DOSAG is to allow the university to connect with students and to give them a voice. One of their accomplishments is creating the #WeAreU campaign that addresses diversity on campus. Its goal was to display the diversity of students attending UConn and to show that UConn is a family that includes all of its students.

In its future, DOSAG will build more campaigns, as it did with #WeAreU, and the group will address more issues student members can identify and tackle in monthly meetings. Structured monthly meetings are run by Laura Beltran, administrative assistant to the dean of students. Monthly meetings will ensure students continuously observe and address the issues at hand and discuss solutions to tackle them.

It is great that this group has been created to establish a route of communication between students and administration. All students are invited to join the group, and participate firsthand in changing UConn’s community for the better.

The name of this student group is also very significant. Acknowledging that students have value in advising the administration is extremely valuable. As students, we experience the issues that administration must address firsthand, and as long as the advice of students is taken seriously, this student group has the ability to make great differences at the university.

This organization is currently accepting applications for students interested in joining the group for the 2016-17 school year. If you are interested in joining and addressing problems you have seen around campus, you can contact Beltran at This organization has the chance to act as an advisory group to those who have control over various aspects of student life, and hopefully, through joining, students can positively change the troubles they see around campus.

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