The Major Experience seeks mentors


A student meets with an individualized major advisor, one of the opportunities TME has to offer. (Jordan Richardson/The Daily Campus)

A program designed to help students at the University of Connecticut find their academic major is looking for new student mentors.

The Major Experience (TME) is an organization that pairs mentors with students ranging from high schoolers to current UConn students who have yet to declare a major or are considering a new one.

“We feel that that peer-to-peer connection is one of the best ways of helping students explore majors, or really with anything,” TME coordinator and coach Harry Twyman said.

Despite having advisors, professors and other staff to help with questions about a specific major, Twyman said that having someone who is actually in the major gives a new perspective to students who are looking into the specific program.

“I can advise a student on what sorts of classes they need to get into the bio-medical engineering program, but I never majored in it here, especially, so I can’t really speak to what it’s like to be a student in that major,” Twyman said.

The program has received more than 100 applications but seeks more mentors to fulfill the need in each major.

“As a mentor for TME you have the responsibility to respond to people who are reaching out to you. That is normally through this online portal we have. It’s super easy to contact our mentors for every major. They have to respond within three days, so you get your help really quick,” TME Student Leadership Board President Lisa Iwanicki said. “They answer questions about experiences that they’ve had; they can’t answer questions about advising or how to apply to a program, that’s more of the advising side and we have TME coaches for that.”

The website has online tests for students to discover their strengths and weaknesses and the online portal to contact the mentors.

“[Mentors] will be working with anybody,” Iwanicki said. “TME can help high school students who might be applying to UConn or who might not be applying to UConn but just want to know more about a major, we can help current UConn students who are undecided, UConn students who have a major but would like to switch majors, or UConn students who would like to add on a major.”

On March 2, Iwanicki and other mentors will be holding a meet-and-greet in NextGen Hall to interact with students who are considering majors.

The program is also looking to make their program more publicized with a Majors Exploration Week in Spring 2018 in addition to their usual involvement with the Majors Fair in the fall.

“We want to have a week’s worth of events where students can pick and choose what they want to go to and learn about the majors that are being offered. And then there will also be workshops on exploring yourself and figuring out what you’re interested in,” Twyman said.

Applications for mentors will be open until March 3.

Sabrina O’Brien is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at sabrina.o’

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