Artist Of The Week: Bea Miller


Bea Miller, once a contestant on The X Factor, has now signed records label with both Syco Music and Hollywood Records. (Photo courtesy of Tumblr)

There’s no doubt that Bea Miller has come extremely far in her artistry: she started as an ordinary girl who wanted a shot at becoming a star and luckily for her, things have been working out in her favor. Riding off the success of her first album, Miller is now working her way to her sophomore album in an unconventional way that is conceptually great.

Flash back to five years ago and you might recognize a certain 13-year-old on the third season of “The X Factor.” Yes, that girl that looked like she just walked out of a 2000s Disney Channel original movie was Miller, who went by her full name, Beatrice Miller, at the time of the show. She took interest from the judges when she auditioned with her rendition of the Dixie Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away” and eventually moved on to the live shows. After her performance of “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol in week four, Miller was voted off.

After the end of the second season of “The X Factor,” Miller was signed to both Syco Music and Hollywood Records, changing her name from “Beatrice” to just “Bea.” Thus, the seed for who we know now as Bea Miller was planted. One year after Miller’s signing, Miller dropped her “Young Blood EP,” which featured “Young Blood” as the lead single.

She gained considerable attention for the release, especially with her history from “The X Factor.” However, it wasn’t until early 2015 that Miller really began turning heads. “Fire N Gold” was released as a single and entered mainstream radio, acting as the lead single of Miller’s debut album “Not An Apology.” The song broke into Billboard’s Hot 100, peaking at No. 78 but giving Miller her first charting single. In July 2015, “Not An Apology” was released and Miller was able to bask in the spotlight for a hot minute; the album peaked on the Billboard 200 at No. 7. During her album’s release, Miller joined big names such as Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony on their respective tours, acting as one of several opening acts.

In 2016, she went on tour with Selena Gomez as an opener, along with band DNCE. Miller revealed the beginning of her second album by releasing a non-album single called “Yes Girl.” During the tour with Gomez, Miller performed both this song and another from the upcoming album.

This past week, Miller released the first of three EPs leading up to her album; the latest EP is titled “Chapter One: Blue” and features three tracks: “Song Like You,” “Burning Bridges,” and “I Can’t Breathe.” This EP is a much different sound than “Not An Apology,” but we really get to see Miller’s growth as an artist. She has a beautiful voice, coupled with a gritty, indie pop vibe. She is developing her own taste, and I will stand by her until the end of time. She has yet to release a song that isn’t good, so I have high expectations for her new album. Miller is sure to catch your attention; if not now, then definitely in the future.

Spotlight Song: “Song Like You”

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