Future notches fourth consecutive No. 1 album


Future’s self-titled album racked up 140,000 equivalent album units in just a week’s time upon it’s release. (Photo courtesy of MTV)

Within only two weeks after his self-titled project took him to the top of the “Billboard 200” albums chart for the fourth consecutive album, Future assured listeners he was not done yet. He followed up by releasing “HNDRXX,” his second full, 17 track album in just two weeks. While this is incredibly uncommon for rap artists who occasionally leave fans waiting years for new music, it is only bringing Future more success.

As reported by “Rap Favorites,” his self-titled album racked up 140,000 equivalent album units (a combination of album sales and streams) in just a week’s time upon its release, quickly flying to the top of the charts and picking up where previous albums “Evol” (2016), “What a Time to Be Alive” with Drake and “DS2” (both in 2015) left off. While four consecutive No. 1 albums is a feat that many artists never come close to accomplishing, Future was not satisfied and pushed the limits by releasing “HNDRXX” so soon.

“HNDRXX” is projected to move at least 130,000 equivalent album units by the end of this week, and could potentially dethrone “FUTURE” atop the “Billboard 200” albums chart, according to Billboard themselves. If this is accomplished, Future will land his fifth consecutive No. 1 album and become the first artist ever to record back-to-back No. 1 debut albums in consecutive frames. This double release of two albums containing 34 hot new tracks in two weeks is practically unheard of, but it proves how dynamic Future’s talents have become.

Future’s self-titled project reminds listeners of previous albums, with sounds of double timed beats and traditional trap-rap flow that have become characteristics of his classic mixtapes. As the multi-themed album transitions between popular tracks “Mask Off,” “When I Was Broke” and “Feds Did a Sweep,” Future tells the story of his life as a lady-stealer and part-time hustler. The heavy rhymes reflect Future’s Atlanta roots, preaching of the struggles of his younger life.

While “HNDRXX” is equally compelling, it is a change up from Future’s traditional sound as it takes on a more soulful, R&B approach. The album includes two features from popular artists The Weeknd (“Coming out Strong”) and Rihanna (“Selfish”), and presents a more honest and sensitive tone in its lyrics.

According to an Instagram post from Future, “HNDRXX” is the “album I always wanted to make.” For fans who become easily overwhelmed by the pace and aggressiveness of trap-rap, “HNDRXX” is a refreshing switch up that shows the multiple dimensions of Future’s talent, and perhaps an insight on his transition to a new sound.

Rumors have surfaced about Future stunning the rap world and releasing a third consecutive album at the end of this week, but per a report from his publicist, this is a “false claim.”

Regardless of if there is a third album coming, Future is in the midst of making musical history with potential back-to-back No. 1 debut albums, along with five consecutive No. 1 albums. Beyond all of the numbers and accomplishments that will come from this, is the simple fact that one artist was able to create two albums with two very different sounds in such a timely manner. Whether you are a fan of Future and these albums or not, his dynamic sounds, beats and creative ability are nothing short of impressive. It is safe to assume that Future will be visiting the top of the charts upon more releases.

Kendra Harter is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at kendra.harter@uconn.edu.

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