Undergraduate Trustee candidate with most votes is disqualified


Former USG Sen. Christine Savino is running for a board of trustee position on a platform focusing on protecting students’ interests and services, working to increase transparency, pushing to expand student parking and advocating for social justice and diversity issues on the board. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

The candidate with the most votes in the race for the University of Connecticut’s undergraduate student trustee has been disqualified for submitting an inaccurate campaign financial statement, according to an email from the Student Trustee Election Committee (STEC). The candidate has filed an appeal.

Of the candidates vying to represent undergraduates on UConn’s Board of Trustees, former Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Senator Christine Savino received 1829 votes (43 percent). USG Speaker George P. Wang received 1483 votes (35 percent). USG Sen. Josh Wojtyna received 922 votes (22 percent), all according to an email sent to the trustee candidates from Christine M. Wilson, UConn’s Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Chair of STEC.

There were 22,284 students eligible to vote in these elections, of which 4,234 cast votes for one of the three student trustee candidates on the ballot.

Savino (left) debates with other trustee candidates. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

“Candidate Savino was disqualified for a [sic] turning in an inaccurate Campaign Financial Statement… Therefore, Candidate Wang is the Trustee-elect,” Wilson wrote.

Savino has filed an appeal to Executive Secretary Rachel Rubin of the Board of Trustees, according to another email sent to the trustee candidates. Rubin’s decision will be final.

Student cast their votes on March 1 and 2. As of publication, Wilson had not yet released the results to the student body, saying the results are not final until all appeals have been decided. This includes results for the USG presidential, comptroller and senate races.

The Daily Campus obtained the email sent out to the trustee candidates from candidate Wojtyna.

“I love being transparent and letting students stay informed,” Wojtyna said.

When asked, Savino declined to explain the charges and accused previous Daily Campus coverage of the trustee election of being biased against her.

“If you have questions then I would contact Christine Wilson,” Savino said.

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Wilson did not respond to emailed questions about the charges against Savino in time for publication.

Trustee-elect Wang declined to comment on the case itself. He said only that the campaign has been an “enlightening” experience and that he has enjoyed getting to better know the student body.

“I would wait to comment officially until the process is complete. Nothing else yet; the election isn’t final,” Wang said.

Christopher McDermott is the news editor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at christopher.mcdermott@uconn.edu.

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