Car vandalizations at Hilltop and Celeron Apartments


Several cars parked in the University of Connecticut’s on-campus Hilltop Apartments are now missing all four tires after being vandalized Thursday night. (Evangelina DeRosa/The Daily Campus)

Several cars parked in the University of Connecticut’s on-campus Hilltop Apartments, as well as off-campus Celeron Apartments, are now missing all four tires after being vandalized Thursday night.

“UConn Police received reports that four vehicles at Hilltop and one at Celeron were vandalized at some point overnight, with each vehicle’s wheels and tires stolen from the cars,” UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said.

Vehicle owners should check with their insurance companies on the process of filing a claim in the event that tires and wheels were stolen from their cars, Reitz said.

“The State of Connecticut has a procedure under which people can ask to file a claim against the state for damage to personal property from the fault of the state, but it has very narrow and specific parameters,” Reitz said.

That report can be found on the office of the Claims Commissioner website.

Several UConn students who were victims of the crime spoke on their experiences.

“My car was parked in Celeron Apartments. I found out at around 7:00 a.m. as soon as I woke up and then I immediately called the police. The officer said it was the first one he had seen,” eighth-semester economics major Kevin Mount said.

Mount said the front end of his car was dug into the dirt and the back end was lifted into the air.

“Thankfully they did not break any of my windows, but they did leave a lot of scratches on the hood of my car,” Mount said.

Hilltop Resident Manav Puri also explained how he found out that someone broke into his car.

“I got a call at around 9:40 Friday morning and it was a UConn police officer telling me what happened. They specifically told me that my car’s wheels were stolen and that my car was the fifth one they found today so far,” Puri said.

Puri also said when he walked to where his car was parked at Hilltop, he saw it sitting on milk containers with the front passenger side window smashed and glass on the seat.

Hilltop resident and eighth-semester Allied Health Sciences major Andy Guo noted the experience of his neighbor, who was also a victim of the vandalizations.

“This morning at around 9:00 a.m., I heard my neighbors outside talking loudly on the phone. I looked out the window and there was glass on the ground. My neighbor’s front passenger side window was broken and the glove compartment was opened,” Guo said. “My neighbor called the police and filed a police report.

At the time of this publication, UConn Police said the investigation into these incidents was still ongoing, and they did not have any further information. This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

“Police are asking anyone with information to call them at (860) 486 4800. They also are increasing patrols and monitoring parking lots for suspicious activity,” Reitz said.

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