Kappa Sigma Fraternity expelled, Delta Gamma Sorority charter revoked


A student walks through Husky Village. (Zhelun Lang/The Daily Campus)

The University of Connecticut chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity has been permanently expelled from the university and Delta Gamma fraternity’s UConn charter revoked indefinitely.

Jeffny Pally’s death in October was the primary factor leading to the organizations losing their charters at UConn.

The Kappa Sigma fraternity and Delta Gamma fraternity… “are the organizations mentioned in the arrest warrant affidavit that named six UConn students on alcohol-related charges stemming from an October party attended by Jeffny Pally before her death,” Stephanie Reitz, UConn’s spokeswoman, said.

The Epsilon Pi chapter of the Delta Gamma Fraternity at UConn, of which Pally was a member, has had its charter revoked indefinitely by the national chapter and is no longer a University-recognized organization.

“The tragic death of a new member greatly affected Delta Gamma Fraternity and caused the council to reflect on the member experience at Epsilon Pi,” Stacia Rudge Skoog, the fraternity’s president, said in a letter explaining the revocation of the charter. “The decision to close a chapter is never easy but council strongly feels it is in the best interest of the chapter and the University of Connecticut community.”

The decision was made following a university investigation into an unregistered event by Delta Gamma in conjunction with repeated violations in recent years.

The chapter’s status has been on and off since 2014.

Six members of Kappa Sigma were arrested for alcohol-related involvement in UConn student Jeffny Pally’s death in October.

Ryan Cunniff, the president of UConn’s Interfraternity Council said that he has no comment regarding Kappa Sigma’s expulsion.

Kappa Sigma had its charter revoked in February for the incidents cited in the expulsion letter and had been suspended for two and a half years prior for unrelated events. 

Generally, sororities and fraternities have the opportunity to reorganize in a few years, by following certain mandated steps, but this expulsion means that the fraternity will have no chance to reorganize on the UConn campus.

Following a police investigation into two incidents on Oct. 15 and 16, Kappa Sigma Fraternity had its charter revoked for disruptive behavior, endangering behavior and misuse of alcohol and other drugs.

“As a part of the sanction process, the ad‐hoc committee seriously considers the environment, or culture, within an organization including, but not limited to, such factors as: member and student leader conduct before, during and after an incident, organizational conduct history, member education practices, internal and external communication with student leaders, university administrators, and other organization members and mitigating and/or aggravating circumstances of an incident and resulting community impact,” a letter notifying the fraternity of their expulsion from Joseph Briody, the Associate Director for Leadership Development for Student Activities, said.

“The violations related to the two previous incidents are largely the same as the violations noted above, and the ad‐hoc committee believes they represent a pattern of behavior and organizational culture that has been dangerous to the members of this group as well as to those associated with it,” Briody’s letter said.  

The fraternity has the opportunity to submit an appeal by Friday, March 24.


Correction: This story has been updated to correct the misspelling of Epsilon Pi.

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