An ode to Uggs


Most people wear Uggs solely for their comfort; their looks never contributed much to their population. (Taki Lau/Creative Commons Flickr)

As the snow melts and sun starts shining, it’s almost time for us ladies (and some men… I know you own the same slippers as Tom Brady) to put away one of our favorite winter accessories: Uggs.

I’ve been hearing that Uggs aren’t in style anymore. Let’s be real, Ugg’s were never in style. They’re absolutely ugly. Uggs are an intriguing fashion trend that, to this day, I still question how it happened. However, did it stop me from buying a pair? Of course not.

My brown pair closely resembles potatoes on my feet. The rounded-off puffy foot doesn’t look good on anyone. It looks even worse when girls decide to roll down the leg of the boot, creating an even puffier wall of fur leading down to the puffy foot. There is nothing visually appealing or fashionable about Uggs and there never has been.

However, Uggs’ popularity are not due to their looks. Comfort is the reason anyone buys Uggs. There is sweet relief that comes after rolling out of bed on a lazy December morning, pulling your hair into a messy bun or throwing on a beanie and placing your foot into a cloud of happiness, warmth and softness.

Uggs are the ultimate lazy shoe. They’re like moccasins but so much warmer. For the unfortunate souls that haven’t experienced the Ugg boot, the best way I can describe the feeling is a gentle fuzzy hug given to your foot and calf with every step. Uggs gained a reputation for being “basic” footwear. If being comfy is basic, then by all means, I’ll proudly own being basic.

Is there any practical reason to wear Uggs? Not really. Unless they’re waterproofed, Uggs will suffer some water damage if worn through the snow. (Good news, the company recently announced they’re going to start selling water resistant shoes!) There’s not a lot of arch support. Every Ugg owner has gone through the process of rubbing/scraping/brushing the white salt stains off their boots in the winter. But it’s all in the name of comfort.

Uggs are the shoes you can wear when you don’t want to wear shoes. It’s the next best thing to laying in bed all day, wearing sweats and wrapped in a burrito of blankets. Many can’t afford that luxury, so they wear Uggs.

Uggs are curling up on the couch with your favorite blanket. Uggs are eating a warm bowl of soup on a snowed in day. Uggs are snuggling with a fluffy dog. Uggs are one of life’s simple pleasures that we all have a right to indulge in, even if they’re totally ugly.

Schae Beaudoin is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at

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