Tips for those awkward last 6 weeks of class


A list of fashion tips for surviving those awkward last few weeks of class before summer break. (Zhelun Lang/The Daily Campus)

There is a general expectation that coming back from Spring Break will mean being able to crack your window open for the first time since October and not forcing yourself to keep your hands in your jacket pockets. Unfortunately, these things are unlikely as Storrs lends itself to what feels like an eight month winter.

But what about those days when it’s 30 degrees when you wake up but randomly increases to 60 degrees by 2 p.m.? How do you dress for that? I have been asking myself this question for the last four years and I think I finally have the answer.

Layers: My friends and I have a running joke that living in Storrs means changing your outfit three times a day. While that might feel true at times, there are other ways to combat the ever-changing temperature. Wear a t-shirt or blouse then a sweater and then a jacket. If you can, keep some room in your tote/backpack to stuff your sweater or jacket, in case the sun comes out and you don’t want to lug around your outerwear.

Sneakers: Spring is a weird time for feet. Boots are too heavy and sandals just don’t feel appropriate yet. Sneakers are the perfect balance of keeping your feet covered but leaving some room for exposed ankles so you don’t feel overheated once you get to class.

Hair elastics or clips: It might feel chilly on your walk to class but once you make it to Fairfield Way you are definitely going to start feeling that sun. Keep a hair accessory on your person so you can get your hair off your neck before you begin to sweat.

Sunglasses and an umbrella: Yes, both. Spring in Storrs is weird; one minute it’s raining and the next minute it’s so bright out that you have to keep your eyes closed during your walk to class (which, by the way, is obviously unsafe). Keep a pair of sunglasses in your bag as well as a small, retractable umbrella for those iffy days when you’re not sure what’s in store for the skies.

When in doubt, just be prepared. If you’re on your way out the door and think to yourself, “should I bring ____ with me today?” odds are, you should. You don’t want to be halfway across campus and regret not packing a scarf or rain jacket. Better be safe than sorry, I always say. The good news is that it will finally get warm… in about five weeks.

Jacqueline Devine is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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