Students frustrated by housing selection


Some students were disappointed on Wed., March 22nd when they had to alter their housing plans based on how the University reserves rooms. The honors students discovered there were only rooms left for males in the honors housing in South Campus. (Olivia Stenger/The Daily Campus)

Some students at the University of Connecticut were disappointed on Wednesday when they had to alter their housing plans based on the University’s system of reserving rooms based on gender and for specific students.

“My roommate and I tried to pick a suite of singles for honors in South. By the time we were up, the female south singles were taken. However, we came to learn that at least three whole single suites for males were open,” one student wrote to Residential Life.

The student wrote that this fact resulted in her electing to leave honors housing.

“I would really like an explanation as to why the singles are not open for everyone,” the student wrote, “We really wanted to live in the honors community and really find it unfair that males with a much later pick time than us will get to live there.”

Residential life responded to the student by explaining that certain singles are reserved for students with disabilities who require a single.

“The spaces in most halls are set up so that we have equity amongst the genders. Additionally, some single spaces, and other room types, are set aside for students with medical needs,” Residential Life wrote.

Residential Life said a majority of single rooms are reserved before selection begins for students with disabilities.

“A majority of the singles on campus are reserved,” Residential Life said.

Residential Life said that they determine how many rooms will be available to males and females prior to selection.

“We do determine how many rooms are going to go to girls and boys before the selection process,” Residential Life said.

Residential Life said that they do not take gender into account when reserving singles for students with disabilities.

“More often than not, singles are reserved for specific people, we don’t take gender into account,” Residential Life said.  

Residential Life said they are unable to provide specifics regarding how many rooms have been reserved for males and females for the coming semester.

“Residential Life is in the midst of working on logistics of the coming year’s housing plans, so it’s a little early to be able to answer specifics yet,” Residential life said, “Generally speaking, however, we know that our students’ living situations are an important factor in their ability to thrive at UConn, and we do whatever we can to help students make a housing selection they will enjoy for the coming year.”

Anna Zarra Aldrich is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at She tweets @ZarraAnna.

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