Letter to the Editor: Delta Gamma’s love for one another will never diminish


Dear Editor,

My best friend could barely contain her excitement when she learned that Jeffny would become her little. Though they were around the same age, my friend could not wait to become her Delta Gamma mentor and show Jeffny our uniquely strong sisterhood and its potential to foster lifelong, irreplaceable bonds.

I did not know Jeffny personally, but I know that she was a compassionate, strong and supportive leader and friend. I know because all of my Delta Gamma sisters at UConn possess these qualities.

It is safe to say that every college student finds these four years difficult and confusing on a variety of levels. We learn that it’s not the constant party that pop culture makes it out to be. We are all at different stages of figuring out who we are and who we want to be on top of managing demanding academic and social pressures.  The process can be draining and lonely at times. 

Delta Gamma is the reason that I fell in love with and will continue to love my experience at UConn. It is what I have turned to without fail for consistent support and happiness during this emotionally and intellectually demanding time in my life. 

More importantly, it is where almost 200 women have turned for comfort after the loss of somebody who was important not only to our sorority, but countless other people in the UConn community and beyond. Until the unfathomable tragedy of Jeffny’s death, I did not understand the necessity of Delta Gamma in every single one of my sisters’ lives. The selfless love and support that every sister provided for one another was unbelievably inspiring. It was the essential source of strength that we needed to keep moving. 

We will forever be heartbroken by the loss of Jeffny in our lives and forever grateful that she chose us to be her sisters.

It is devastating that we can no longer expand a chapter of women that is capable of supporting their sisters through any shade of darkness. My hope is that everyone is able to see that we have more than upheld our values in the wake of Jeffny’s passing.

However, although our national charter was taken away, our love for one another and for Jeffny will never diminish.

– Sarah Maddox, Campus Correspondent for The Daily Campus

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