Tapping the Keg: Proclamation Ale Company’s Ethereous India pale ale


“Tapping the Keg” is a weekly review of craft beers brought to you by staff writer Dan Wood.

This week's beer review features Proclamation Ale Company's Ethereous India pale ale. The company is located in West Kingston, Rhode Island and is only available for purchase directly from the brewery's store. (Adam Barhan/Creative Commons)

This week’s beer review features Proclamation Ale Company’s Ethereous India pale ale. The company is located in West Kingston, Rhode Island and is only available for purchase directly from the brewery’s store. (Adam Barhan/Creative Commons)

This beer is certainly a more challenging creature than most of the beers I typically review. I have been tantalized with enormous good news about Proclamation Ale Company, so I was very pleased to get my hands on their products, as they are in very high demand with low output and little distribution.

Proclamation Ale Company is located in West Kingston, Rhode Island and was founded in 2014 after its founder Dave Witham received a home brew kit as a wedding gift. Now they are a fiercely sought-after producer and for good reason.

From their website: “Though we may be small in size, our beer is anything but that. At Proclamation Ale Co. our goal is to strangulate your taste buds with so much goodness, they beg for more.”

Let’s jump into the tasting and see if they can achieve this high benchmark they have set for themselves. When poured out of the pint can, this beer is a rusty and very cloudy ochre with slight head retention of slow-moving, medium-sized bubbles. This is an unfiltered ale, so the flavor is bound to be a bit unorthodox.

The nose really smacks you with a huge variety and potency of tropical fruits, indicating a heavy and exotic hopping. Here, we smell mango, guava, lemon oil, banana, soursop and pineapple with a hint of bitterness in the end of the nose. Most of these flavors carry into the top of the beer where it is fused with a very yeasty start, leading us into a more savory middle. The middle gives us notes of grilled sweet corn, overripe bananas and naval orange. The finish of this ale is slightly astringent on the sides of the tongue, which is followed by a salty taste that lingers with a bit of the sourness, much like a sour dough and sea salt.

Which brings us to pairing: the former flavors mentioned would make a great pairing to this beer. A nice warm, soft pretzel with plenty of salt and hot mustard could stand up to this incredibly complex ale. Because the flavor is so huge and fruity coupled with saltiness, a charcuterie plate of sharp cheeses, cured meats, whole-wheat crackers, Italian olives and salted nuts would make a fantastic couple to Ethereous. These same qualities are also reminiscent of some tropical food cultures. This 6.6 percent ABV ale would be a nice contrast to a southern gumbo loaded with seafood and pork, or deep fried salted plantains with a black mole for dipping.

Proclamation Ale Company’s beers are only available directly from their brewery store front in West Kingston where they sell their pint cans at $4 each, 500 ml bottles around $8 and taps for customers to fill up growlers of any size of their choosing for varying prices. You might be able to get your hands on some of their brews through special beer trading programs, but if not, and you really love beer, it is worth the drive.

I’m happy to say that Proclamation Ale Co. has left my taste buds begging for more.

Overall Rating 9/10

Dan Wood is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at daniel.wood@uconn.edu.

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