Pale Waves makes a splash with new single


Originating from Manchester, England, Pale Waves is a band that flies relatively under the radar right now in the United States. But all that is sure to change after touring and producing with The 1975, the indie pop group from the same city.

The group amassed something of a cult following in the UK after releasing two well-received demos. However, they recently removed all traces of said demos from the internet due to a change in style and sound. Now, they have two singles, accompanied by music videos, and an EP on the way.

Frontwoman, Heather Baron-Gracie, met her fellow bandmates Ciara, Ryan and Ben at their university. The four-piece group has described their sound as “nineties inspired indie-pop feels, drenched in reverb and glitter.” They attribute much of their sound to the short lived Birmingham, England “B-town” scene. Each song is the perfect mix of instrumental and vocals. Longing lyrics and shiny riffs complete the aesthetic.

“There’s a Honey,” their first single produced under The 1975’s label, “Dirty Hit Records,” was released earlier this year. The video features Baron-Gracie’s signature black lipstick, her entire image being a fairly explicit nod to Robert Smith of The Cure, singing beneath a sheet of some sort in a soft pink and blue glow. Their music is dreamy, shimmering and ethereal, and all of that is perfectly encapsulated by this simple yet artistic video.

Pale Waves’ latest video for “Television Romance” was just released on Sept. 18 and was directed by The 1975’s lead vocalist, Matthew Healy, further evidence of the two bands’ intertwined relationship. This video is much less mystical than the previous, juxtaposing the band’s unique, vintage 90’s style and sound with a mundane apartment building. Perhaps the most striking part of the video is after the first chorus, when Baron-Gracie’s vocals stop; instead of the shot moving to the guitar or drums, it stays on her, at an unusual angle where only half her face is seen. It drives the repeated lyric home: “Oh, baby, won’t you stop it, you and I haven’t got it, television romance.”

“The most important thing for me is for people to relate to our music in their own way and maybe define a certain moment in their lives, that would be pretty cool,” said Baron-Gracie to Coup de Main Magazine. “I just want our music to be there for people.”

And it certainly is, in that particular way that makes you want to be packed into an intimate venue bathed in that same fluorescent pink light seen in their video. They are well on their way to their collective goal: having a number one album and playing sold out tours.

These two addictive indie anthems are definitely good signs of what’s to come from Pale Waves and their work with The 1975. This is a band you will definitely enjoy if you like the sound of The Cure, Swim Deep, Bad Suns, Chvrches or Paramore.

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