UConn students and faculty to rally at Hartford Legislative Center


(Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

A rally against budget cuts on the University of Connecticut will be held in Hartford on Friday. UConn administrators encouraged faculty and graduate students to attend in an email statement sent out to students by UConn’s Chief Financial Officer Scott Jordan.

“Our academic leaders have already informed departments and faculty that we have no objection to faculty and academic staff using available time and any state-bargained furlough days… so that they can participate,” Jordan said in the email. “Further, UConn’s academic leaders have encouraged departments… to permit graduate students flexibility to make alternative arrangements for their courses or to reschedule their other work assignments so that, they too, can participate, if they so choose.”

The rally will be held at 12:30 p.m. on Friday in front of the Legislative Office Building. Participants are encouraged to arrive early in order to avoid congestion, Jordan said.

The rally is one of several that have been occurring over the past week, in response to the $300 million in state funding cuts proposed by the Republican legislature last Saturday. (http://dailycampus.com/stories/2017/9/18/proposed-budget-cuts-could-mean-major-changes-for-uconn)

On Wednesday night students at the Storrs campus rallied at the Hugh S. Greer Field House.(http://dailycampus.com/stories/2017/9/20/saveuconn-rally-held-by-usg-and-graduate-student-senate) A smaller rally was held at UConn Health in Farmington, according to the Hartford Courant. (http://www.courant.com/politics/hc-uconn-students-protest-budget-cuts-0921-20170920-story.html)

Several UConn employee unions, including the Graduate Employee Union, will be providing buses for members of their organization who wish to go to the rally.

“A number of our unions are engaging buses to support the transportation of their members – for additional information please contact your respective union,” Jordan said. 

Eileen Schaub, a second year ecology and evolutionary biology master’s student at UConn, said that she plans on attending Friday’s rally.

“I think it’s important to show our lawmakers how much we value UConn, and how much they should value it,” Schaub said. “A society that treats education as disposable will not thrive, and gutting UConn is a shortsighted mistake that would have terrible consequences sooner rather than later.”

Marlese Lessing is the news editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at marlese.lessing@uconn.edu. She tweets @marlese_lessing.

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