Commuter Corner: What I’m doing instead of studying


Sometimes it's hard to sit down and study.  Send in your tips on how to focus before a big exam! (FIle photo/The Daily Campus)

Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and study.  Send in your tips on how to focus before a big exam! (FIle photo/The Daily Campus)

I have four exams in the span of one week, and I don’t really know how to handle it. I’m trying to study for them, but the usual techniques of flashcards and highlighting just aren’t working for me this time.

If you have any tips for me, I’d be glad to hear them. But until then, I’m just going to go through a list of all the things I’m doing instead of actually studying:


1.  Watching “Seal Team”

Okay, so I love seeing Booth back in action just as much as the next gal, but the dog seriously made that series premiere even better. In the beginning, one team member says that the dog only sits when it smells explosives; then as they go through the caverns, the dog sits and you have no idea what’s around the corner waiting. I hope it continues like this, but who knows. Too many TV shows end too soon.


2.  Reading “Breeder Nation”

I just found this book on Wattpad (yes, I know, bare with me) and it’s actually pretty good. Not fanfiction, so don’t worry. It’s about a disease spreading around the world and killing pretty much everyone. The cure for the disease then made basically everyone infertile. The girls that get their periods are abducted and forced to be breeders for the rest of their lives, but guess what? One runs away. It’s decent so far, and way better than homework, so maybe that’s what makes it so appealing.


3.  Drinking hot cocoa

Alright, so I’m not the basic white girl y’all were hoping for. For the most part. It’s not pumpkin spice, but I do love my hot cocoa. Going out to the nearest Cumberland Farms (I know it sounds gross, but trust me) and grabbing a cheap cup of cocoa instead of investing in my future is my current game plan. It just tastes so good! And gives me another way to procrastinate!


4.  Writing this article

Yep, it’s sad to say it, but I totally just wrote this article so that I wouldn’t have to study. I worked for one hour, in a nice café-type place, so that’s enough for now. I deserve a break. Plus, this is kind of like homework. It’s a 500-word essay on a topic of my choosing. I just have to relate it to commuters somehow, which brings about point five.


5.  Driving to UConn

The biggest way I choose to procrastinate is by going to school. The radio blares as I spend 10 hours a week driving to and from UConn. Someone once suggested that I record my notes and listen to them in the car as I drive, but considering I can’t even get up the motivation to put them onto flashcards, I don’t think that one will work.


I’d like to note that I am not always like this. Usually I’m actually pretty on-task and focused on my schoolwork.  But this week, for whatever reason, I just can’t do it. I can’t get myself to pick up the highlighter and try to ace these exams. Again, if you have any tips, I’m all ears.

Hannah Desrosiers is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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