Storrs Stories: A weekly look-back through the DC archives – Oct. 2


Oct. 2, 1967:

The 1964 Republican candidate for President, Barry Goldwater was set to speak at Jorgensen on Oct. 2, 1967. The former U.S. Senator gave a lecture and was described as “one of the most sought-after speakers on the Republican lecture circuit.”

In October of 1967, WHUS had plans to expand their AM and FM power output. The student run organization was running on only 10 watts but was given permission by the Federal Communications Commission to upgrade to 1,250 watts. This upgrade allowed the broadcast to reach more listeners throughout the community.

Brook Johnson, the Republican challenger to Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd, came to UConn in early October of 1992. He spoke to students during a USG sponsored voting registration event regarding his views on PAC money, Senate term limits and balancing the budget.

The Law, which was a $100 billion Higher Education Law, at the time was recently approved though did not yet affect UConn students.The law was intended to assist student in paying for education, including increasing loan limits, increasing Pell Grants, and allow all students to borrow money for education. In 1992, 39 percent of UConn students received some sort of financial aid.

Gampel Pavilion was set to host Bob Dylan on October 24, 1992. This page from the October 2, 1992 edition of the Daily Campus advertises the event put on by SUBOG.

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