Commuter Corner: Wait, that’s my bus


Making the bus isn't as easy as it sounds.  (Ryan Murace/The Daily Campus)

Making the bus isn’t as easy as it sounds.  (Ryan Murace/The Daily Campus)

As a commuter, one trick is to schedule all of your classes on certain days. You can choose the Monday, Wednesday, Friday route, or you can pick Tuesday, Thursday, whichever works best. That said, after all of those classes, you are just done with your day after that point. You’re ready to relax and head home to your nice comfy bed and your warm shower and watch some TV. You could pick up a book or grab some dinner or catch up with your at-home friends. You worked hard today, walking all over campus with that huge backpack-lunchbag combo. You deserve a break.

And then the bus doesn’t show up on the Bus Tracker app and you have no ride to your parking spot.

Please note the “doesn’t show up on the app” part. That will be important later.

So there I am, waiting patiently at my stop (which is now clearly posted, thank you Transportation Services), checking the app to see when my bus will arrive. That’s when I see it. Only one bus, still a good 30 minutes from my current stop, leaving my parking lot right before my very eyes.

The sadness washes over me as I realize that I will have to walk the 20 minutes to my parking spot, because that is the responsible thing to do.  My shoulders sag, I put on some angry music and I walk.

Imagine a 100-pound girl simply walking down a semi-flat road, already out of breath. I will definitely try to put this off on my heavy backpack, but I’m not the most fit person out there anyway.  By the time I make it up the hill and enter Towers territory, I am sweating out what appears to be pieces of my soul. Meanwhile, my quads (that’s a fancy exercise term, by the way) are begging me to just revert to the fetal position and await assistance.  I’m pretty proud of myself for ignoring their request and trudging along.

I’m rounding the turn, about to come across the Greek houses, when I see it.

The bus. No. Not even the bus. My bus.

Needless to say, I’m not happy. I try to console myself by saying things like, “It’s alright, exercise is good for you,” and junk like that.  It can’t take away the sense of betrayal though. I swear, I see the bus driver laugh.

It is only now, a few days later, that I realize I probably should have just been more patient.  Every now and then, the buses have to stop by their own parking lot and either switch the drivers, or switch buses entirely.  That could have easily been what happened. I just had the misfortune to look while they were redoing the system.

Or, they read the article I wrote complaining about the bus stops and they wanted to exact revenge. They erased that bus purposefully, only at the time that I needed it, and counted the other students as mere collateral damage.

I love the transportation people, honestly. The bus drivers are always super nice to me when I get on.  I hope they get a kick out of this if they read it, and don’t take it as me just being a brat. Some days, I’m gonna miss the bus.  I’d like to say that I take it gracefully, but you can bet money on me grumbling the whole way up that hill, just because I’m lazy.

Hannah Desrosiers is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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