PCUC Sari Raat: Amar Sandhu and PRANNA live


The PCUC hosts Amar Sandhu and Pranna live in concert at the Nathan Hale Inn Friday, Oct. 6, 2017.  (Natalija Marosz/The Daily Campus)

The PCUC hosts Amar Sandhu and Pranna live in concert at the Nathan Hale Inn Friday, Oct. 6, 2017.  (Natalija Marosz/The Daily Campus)

The Pakistani Community at UConn (PCUC) hosted Urban Desi singer Amar Sandhu and music producer PRANNA at their concert Friday night, Oct. 6, at the Nathan Hale Inn and Conference Center. The night opened with an introduction of the PCUC board, all decked in dark green to match the Pakistani flag set up behind them on stage. This was followed by a four-round dance battle between UConn’s Bollywood fusion dance team, Surya and UConn’s Bhangra team, Husky Bhangra. The dance battle built up the energy for Sandhu and PRANNA, whose liveliness on stage rang through the audience. They performed work of their own, including “Double Addi,” “Rooftop Party” and “Replaceable,” as well as work from other artists like Drake, The Weeknd and more.

Both Sandhu and PRANNA brought their fusion styles into the show, strengthening their positions on the blending of South Asian and American cultures. Since they were both raised in America but hold strongly onto their cultural roots, they focused their new collaborative album “New Era” on ethnic fusion. PRANNA’s production of classical Indian music with trap, rap and house elements combines with Sandhu’s harmony of English and Indian vocals to reflect their cultural background. Of the eight years they have been working together, three of them were spent curating “New Era.”

“New Era” fits a dividend between the urban and desi scene,” Amar Sandhu explained in a Wurd media interview. This album ignited their new wave of music and gave them their own headlining tour, so all the hard work paid off. The success of this album foreshadows plenty of future success that could bring the duo to their goal of reaching mainstream music.

“The artists we usually get are at the upcoming points of their careers,”  said PCUC Vice President Shayan Hasan. “A lot of artists still talk about their UConn experience to this day.” In previous years, PCUC hosted artists like Mickey Singh, Imran Khan, Jai Matt, Dr. Srimix, The Bilz and Kashif at their concert in Rome Ballroom. Reaching these artists takes place before the semester, when contracts, venues and other logistics are laid out. A new venue change to Nathan Hale paralleled their switch to hosting new age fusion artists. Thanks to the many volunteers that aided the PCUC board with their hard work, the concert ran smoothly and successfully.

Throughout the rest of the year, PCUC will be hosting social justice events, fundraisers and community service projects. One of the most anticipated events of the year is the culture show in the spring, which gives various cultures an opportunity to express themselves through art, fashion, dance, music, singing and more. This goes right along with PCUC’s mission statement, which is to showcase not only Pakistani culture, but South Asian culture as a whole, to UConn. They work under the Asian American Cultural Center alongside Indian Students Association, Bangladeshi Students Association, Salaam and Muslim Students to promote the blending and unity of all cultures.

Armana Islam is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus and can be reached via email at armana.islam@uconn.edu.

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