USG seeks senators to revise bylaws, constitution


Speaker of the Senate Nandan Tumu addresses the Undergraduate Student Government during caucus on Wednesday night in the Student Union. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

The Undergraduate Student Government caucus Wednesday night sought senators to revise its bylaws and constitution and spoke about recent USG projects, such as the Tampon Time initiative.

Speaker of the House Nandan Tumu said he hoped to recruit some of the newest senate members for the revision of its bylaws and constitution, which is one of USG’s biggest projects this year. These must be updated every four years and reviewing them will take many people, according to Tumu.

The newest senators were also invited to apply for multiple positions within USG, including membership in several committees and Deputy Speaker of Senate. Other positions in the University of Connecticut community, such as liaisons for the different cultural centers, were also recommended.

“This is long overdue and hopefully we can get some traction on it,” Tumu said.

USG is also still looking for more help with their Tampon Time initiative, according to Tampon Time representative Senator Wanjiku Gatheru. The initiative will make tampons and pads available for free in several on-campus buildings.

“There is still a lot more work to do, please e-mail student services if you’d like to help,” Gatheru said.

This opportunity to work with the program is open to the whole student body, not just USG members, according to Gatheru.

The caucus also focused on informing the new senators about senate rules and speaking terms, as well as voting rules.

According to Tumu, the senate’s first meeting wasn’t always entirely focused on the task at hand. He said he hoped that through the discussion at last night’s caucus, the next senate meeting would run much more smoothly.

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