Cooking fire in the Oaks causes water damage to apartments, closes Grille 86


Grille 86 will be closed until further notice. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

On Saturday, Oct. 21 a cooking fire in the Oaks on the Square set off a sprinkler alarm system that caused damage to five apartments and Grille 86, according to Craig Wack, the public relations coordinator for EdR Collegiate Housing, the company that owns and manages the Oaks.  

Water damage occurred in both the apartments and the restaurant after “a couple thousand gallons of water were pumped out,” Wack said. Grille 86 will be closed until repairs to the restaurant are completed, according to their website.

Alternate accommodations had to be found for four of the apartments, according to Wack. Restoration for the apartments consists of large fans to dry the contents of the apartment, and since the fans are very loud, residents in the past have just turned them off, Wack said.

Damage throughout the apartments vary, based on location and size. As of Oct. 23, Wack predicts the residents who have been displaced should be able to return within two to three days and would be surprised if they do not return by the weekend.

Wack said he was told that Grille 86’s restoration should be quicker, as the restaurant has concrete flooring, as opposed to the carpet found in the Oaks.

Grille 86 was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

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