Sabrina Claudio releases anticipated album and lands opening-artist for 6Lack tour


Prior to this, Claudio’s start was on social media releasing short videos of her doing covers of popular songs such as “Thinking Bout You” by Frank Ocean. (Courtesy/Twitter)

Sabrina Claudio dropped her second album “About Time” on Oct. 6. Fans have waited patiently to hear more of what this new singer has been working on in the studio, showing their anticipation through various tweets Instagram posts. Her last album, “Confidently Lost,” left them in awe at what this singer’s unique, melodic voice can do, and “About Time” fulfilled their expectations.

This album is similar to her last in the aspect that it was smooth and soft to the ear. However, Claudio broadens her horizons with the production of beats and editing overall. On this album, more technological work has been done with her voice. For example, in the chorus in “Unravel Me” we hear a ricochet edit of the high note she hits, adding a fitting modern aspect to her old R&B soul vibe.

Songs such as “Natural,” “Wanna Know” and “Frozen” highlight her journey through love. They depict Claudio’s process of falling in love, curiosity of where her and her significant other stand, wanting to make things work, and appreciation for it all. 

“Belong To You,” “Used To,” “We Have Time” and “Wait” display how maturely she is able to execute a variety of intonations this early on in her career. These songs are similar in fluidity and sensuality regarding her voice and build, but show her ability to explore beyond her natural sound into dance rhythms. This has shown how individualistic her vision is.

Claudio has collaborated with artist 6lack, a star who has risen to the top within the past couple of years. Having an already-bloomed artist who has worked with features on a song is a huge step in an upcoming artists’ journey in the industry. This shows how well the music world has recognized Claudio for what she is able to offer, and in that it is eager to be a part of the impact she makes.

Tapping into her own individuality has brought her far, including landing her first ever tour with artist 6lack. The “FREE 6LACK TOUR” starts Oct. 7, where she will grace the stages as the opening artist and expand her audience even more.

“Confidently Lost,” her debut EP, released on March 3 this year on Apple Music and received a great deal of positive reviews from audiences receiving this new artist. Showcasing her intimate way of bringing listeners into her music made a powerful, founding statement with her first ever project. Claudio had co-writers work with her on it and still does today; however, she has leaned more toward writing her own songs with her newest project, a majority of the songs on which she penned herself.

Prior to this, Claudio’s start was on social media releasing short videos of her doing covers of popular songs such as “Thinking Bout You” by Frank Ocean. Here, the singer showed her angelic, soft but powerfully rhythmic vocal abilities which caused her to go viral on Twitter. This led her to start creating her own music and she has hit the ground running ever since.

An artist’s talent is not just based on how successful they are at what they do, but how they can dip into different channels and still produce alluring pieces. Claudio’s voluptuous works have demonstrated just that, guaranteeing her a spot in the evolutionary world of music.

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