Three-inch wire found in takeout order from Oriental Cafe


(my_amii/Flickr Creative Commons)

(my_amii/Flickr Creative Commons)

A three-inch wire was found in a takeout order of General Tso’s chicken from Oriental Cafe on Sunday afternoon.

University of Connecticut student Fiona Bernardin posted a picture of the wire in the Buy or Sell UConn Tickets Facebook group Sunday night.

Bernardin said her friend, Ryan Drucker, found the wire while he was eating the chicken.

“I was eating it and started choking and then that came up,” Drucker said.

Drucker said when he called Oriental Cafe about it, they offered him a free meal the next time he eats there.

“I said no since I don’t live here and also would never eat there again. I just wanted my money refunded,” Drucker said.

Drucker said the woman he talked to on the phone from Oriental Cafe first told him she couldn’t refund it. He then told her the credit card machine would only let her refund it in person.

“Since I’m familiar with credit card terminals, I knew that was a lie and continued to argue,” Drucker said. “Eventually she ended up refunding it, but she just refunded me the $9.50 for the chicken; we got the other food as well, the bill was around $38.”

Third-semester allied health major Derrick Hendrickson said he believed the wire was part of a sponge used for cleaning in the kitchen.

“They usually end up getting caught on cooking utensils and go unnoticed, unfortunately. I used to work in a few different kitchens, so I do recognize how it happens,” Hendrickson said.

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