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Before 1965, women living in the North Campus residence halls had to adhere to strict housing rules and were not allowed visitors. In Nov. 1965, women were given visiting hours that were identical to the upperclassmen houses. Previously, the residents were only allowed guests when their house sponsored registered social functions. This change came not long after a revision of dress code regulations inside the North Campus dining hall. Before this, the dress code included coats and ties in the dining hall, and the “freshman beanie,” which had to be worn at all times until Easter recess, according to the 1921 student handbook.

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In 1969, the UConn polo team was 3 men strong and sponsored by a stable in Somers. Hal Vita, the owner of Shallowbrook Stables in Somers, coached and funded the team through his own funds, donations and money won at shows and demonstrations.

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