Letter to the Editor: In response to a Nov. 7 article ‘Leave the death penalty in the past’


Dear Editor,

Mr. Fenteany’s anti death penalty article was heartfelt, but lacked fact and reason.

Fenteany made a common mistake by only looking at the innocents that could be executed with the death penalty, while not even considering that innocents are much more at risk when we allow murderers to live.

There’s no proof of an innocent executed in the US after the 1930s. About 16,000 innocents were murdered in the US, since 1973, by those known murderers that we allowed to murder, again – recidivist murderers.

In fact, the death penalty protects innocents, in three ways, better than does LWOP.

Fenteany finds that the death penalty denies religious redemption. Such a view is impossible. Redemption must be attained prior to our deaths, not matter what and when that death may be. Within the concept of the eternal, we all die early and earthly deaths and all redemption must be achieved prior to that event. There are no exceptions.

I would advise  Fenteany to fact check the cost studies, prior to him using the as one of his “big three” to do away with the death penalty. Fenteany “big three” are common and, easily, rebutted.

What Fenteany didn’t consider were the most important things for the imposition of any sanction, which are justice and proportionality. For those of us that support the death penalty, there are some crimes, such as the recent New York mass murderer/terrorist and the horrors of the Petit family murders where those two concepts are paramount in support of the death penalty.

There are, at least, two sides to every public policy issue and you need to look at both sides, prior to reaching a reasoned conclusion.

-Dudley Sharp
Houston, Texas

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