Dear Daily: How do you meet people when you live off-campus?


Dear Late to the Game,

First of all, I want to start off by saying you are not at all late to the game. Being a senior in college is by no means a deadline for finding a girlfriend or being in a relationship. But, if you are interested in starting to look for and pursue a relationship, there are plenty of options aside from dating sites in college, even for off-campus students.

UConn offers an amazing student organization which you may or may not be familiar with: Off-Campus Student Services. They hold events such as Commuter Coffee Wednesdays, lunches, outdoor events and Commuter-Appreciation Week. The Storrs campus also offers multiple Commuter Lounges. These are excellent opportunities to meet other commuters, who you might find to be easier to relate with.

You mentioned you don’t spend much time on campus, but if you find you want to get to know girls outside of the commuter community, you may want to consider starting. I don’t know your exact schedule, and maybe it prevents you from doing so, but sticking around for a few hours after classes is a great way to meet people. Whether it’s hanging out in the library, having a cup of coffee in the Beanery, or even going to the Rec Center, you’re always sure to be surrounded by other students.

Outside of classes, which don’t offer much time to chat anyway, joining clubs is a surefire way to introduce yourself to people with similar interests as you. UConn boasts over 700, not to mention sports teams. It’s never too late to get involved, yes even for someone who will be graduating soon. The semi-annual Involvement Fair will be held in the start of the spring semester, which I encourage you to check out if you’re trying to expand your social horizons and meet people.

As a senior, you might be old enough to go to the bars on campus, which also provide a different social environment outside of class to meet girls. While this might seem intimidating, everybody tends to go to the bar for the same reason- to have a good time and typically, inhibitions are lowered, which may make it easier to take the chance and ask for a few phone numbers!

Long-story short, my best advice to you is to branch out from your comfort zone and start getting to know as many people as possible. If someone from class invites you to their apartment for a get-together or a party over the weekend, try to stop by. It might be worth the drive every once in a while to start making those connections you might be missing out on otherwise. Dating is all about communication, so making relationships and forming bonds is the first step.

It may seem daunting and frustrating now, but try not to stress! You’ll be graduating soon and meeting a whole host of new people in your adult life. There will be plenty of opportunities to come. And, I think you’ll find that as soon as you stop looking, that someone special will show up in your life.

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