How to survive the winter at UConn


Makes the most of the snow while it’s here. (Jason Jiang/The Daily Campus)

Winter is here, which means it’s time to brace ourselves for extremely cold weather. Anyone who’s survived a winter in windy Storrs knows it can get pretty unpleasant at times, especially if you don’t have a car and have to walk outside a lot. If this is your first winter at UConn, you might be very intimidated, but don’t worry, these tips will help make winter a little more manageable!

Invest in a good pair of winter boots

If you think you can get away without having a pair of waterproof winter boots, you’re wrong. UConn does a pretty good job with plowing, but there will definitely be times where you have to walk through snow or slush. There is always a lot of salt on the sidewalks which could ruin any pair of nice shoes. Spare yourself cold, wet feet and invest in a quality pair of winter boots, such as bean boots from LL Bean.

Make sure you have a super long jacket

If you want to stay extra warm, a long jacket is the way to go. I’m talking to the knees or even longer. You’d be surprised at how much warmth you get from keeping your legs covered. You may think the winter jacket you wore throughout high school will be good enough, but trust me, the thicker and longer the jacket, the better.

Take advantage of the buses

The bus schedules can be kind of confusing to follow, especially this year with all the construction, but learning a couple lines that are convenient to where you live/where you are going can save you a lot of walking in the cold. If you live in Towers, blue line and red line will take you pretty much anywhere you need to go. If you live in North/Northwest, orange line is the way to go.

Cut through buildings on your way to class

This may not always work out, but depending on your route cutting through a building can give you some warmth and save some time. If you’re in the center of campus, Laurel and the Union are great buildings to cut through.

Use sober rides when you go out

Every weekend, tons of people post within UConn Buy or Sell on Facebook offering sober rides to wherever you need to go for a couple dollars. If you plan on going out, save yourself the frostbite and text one of these people for a ride.

Make use of

For anyone who doesn’t know, Hungry Huskies is a delivery service that will bring food from all over Storrs right to your dorm. If you’re in the mood for some real food but don’t want to go out, this is a perfect alternative. They deliver all of your favorites including Wings Over, Gansett and DP Dough.

Drink hot coffee or tea as you walk to class

While it may never be too cold for iced coffee, drinking something hot as you walk to class can provide a little bit of extra warmth while also keeping your hand warm.

Melissa Scrivani is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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