Editorial: USG must remember its commitment to students


The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) says that it will continue to work on amending its constitution during the body’s meeting this semester, according to reporting done by the Daily Campus. According to Speaker of the Senate Nandan Tumu, USG is re-writing and amending their constitution in order to better serve the student body and to better respond to student issues. While USG should be commended trying to better serve their constituents, they should make sure that they are actually serving their constituents with the work that they are doing.

USG has a very important job. Unlike high school and middle school student councils, USG senators and executives are tasked with representing undergraduate student members at the top levels of UConn. The senate and its associated funding board are responsible for helping clubs and other student organizations pay for events and speakers. Through boards like academic affairs and student services, USG advocates for students interests in thinks like living, class size, education requirements and dining services. All of these things are important to the undergraduate experience at a school like UConn. Additionally, as a body they carry influence and can help strengthen many issues that students are passionate about.

In the past, however, USG has faced criticism for doing more work for themselves rather than work for their constituents. Students have critiqued that members of the organization seem very distant and aloof in comparison to the rest of the student body even though, USG members owe their positions to those that voted them into power. It is also troubling that at the halfway point in the year, USG has not figured out exactly how to govern themselves. If members of the body don’t yet know how exactly they can best help students, then how are student groups going to be able to best receive help for their problems.

As stated earlier, USG has a very important job. By taking up time that could be used helping students, for their own management issues, they are neglecting their job. It is imperative that USG members remember their mission to serve student groups. Only then can they can actually say they were successful in their jobs.

Amar Batra is a senior staff photographer and weekly columnist for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email amar.batra@uconn.edu. He tweets at @amar_batra19.

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