University designs project to add 1,000 parking spaces


Constructing additional parking spots will takeaway current parking sports temporarily. (Nick Hampton/The Daily Campus)

Over 900 parking spaces will be lost with the construction of the new University of Connecticut Northwest Science Quad. To account for these spaces, UConn is planning to construct a facility with elevated parking above existing spots, university spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said.

“The university is currently in the design phase for construction of a facility with two decks of elevated parking above existing surface spots in a portion of W Lot,” Reitz said. “A separate surface lot connected by a busway might also be included.”

With the Northwest Science Quad construction to cover Lot 9, X-Lot and L-Lot, the new parking project hopes to accommodate the loss of parking, Reitz said.

As the project is still in the early stages, it is uncertain what will happen to the parking spots during construction, as well as if students will have to pay extra and which parking permits will be affected, Reitz said.

“That’s all being determined during the planning process that’s currently underway, and we should have more specifics in coming months,” Reitz said.

Elisabeth Bienvenue, a second-semester history major and commuting student, said she is frustrated with the parking situation at UConn.

“As a commuter student, it is incredibly difficult to find parking in the morning, and eliminating this magnitude of parking spots will create a logistical nightmare,” Bienvenue said.

Bienvenue said she is worried about how accessible campus will be to her and other commuter students with this construction, and believes that commuter students have a much more difficult time getting to class than on-campus students.

“This (construction) will also fill up the lots further away from the (center of campus) such as W-Lot and C-Lot, congesting those lots, overpopulating bus lines and generally making campus even more inaccessible for the commuters,” Bienvenue said.

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