Letter To The Editor: To save UConn, we must save Connecticut


Dear Editor,

On Thursday evening, dozens of students will travel to the Legislative Office Building in Hartford to support our university in the face of looming budget cuts. While situations like these may seem like a revolving door, the steadfast fortitude of the members of our student body in highlighting UConn’s strengths and championing our possibilities has only made our community more successful.

In doing so we must face the simple truth that Connecticut’s economy is struggling and has not lived up to the post-recession standards that surrounding states have met. Our state’s lack of a cosmopolitan vibe and elusive job opportunities has taken a toll on students and taxpayers alike. While companies and people may leave, our business climate and opportunities for growth have gradually followed. This should not be the new norm, and in order for the reality of our university to live up to its promise, we need our state leaders to step up and provide reasonable resolutions.

Simply put, in order to save UConn, we have to save Connecticut. This is not an easy task, but we all have to come together and protect the opportunities and great resources that our university has to offer. From academic programs to counseling and financial aid, the dreams of the next generation of leaders and trailblazers depend on the support of our state leaders, administrators, faculty and students.

Like many of our friends and family before us, UConn has provided great pathways to its students, generating billions in revenue for Connecticut’s economy and endless intellectual resources to this state. This is something worth fighting for, so that one day our friends and children have the same great opportunities that we had. It’s students like the ones who will travel to Hartford on Thursday evening that are pivotal in not only saving UConn, but saving one of our state’s greatest resources. Hopefully our state leaders are ready and willing to listen and realize that Connecticut’s future depends on their actions and decisions, and ultimately the success of its flagship academic institution.

Damon A. Reynolds
Finance ’21
External Affairs Vice Chairman for State Affairs

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