Does ‘Bachelor Winter Games’ deserve a rose?


As if there weren’t enough “Bachelor” franchise TV shows, we can officially add another one to the list: “The Bachelor Winter Games.” Like its predecessors, you can expect some romance, some drama and a whole lot of competition. The show, conveniently airing during the Olympics, is essentially the same thing with some love mixed in. Contestants from “Bachelor” shows worldwide gather for four episodes to compete in winter athletic activities, go on dates and sit around and do nothing until they find love.

Contestants on the show include 14 international Bachelor contestants and 12 American contestants. The American contestants include Ben Higgins, Dean Unglert, Ashley Iaconetti and Bibianna from the current season of “The Bachelor.” Appearances will include “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants Arie Luyendyk, Rachel Lindsay and JoJo Fletcher, and figure skating champions Nancy Kerrigan. Chris Harrison is the host (of course) and the show takes place in a small Vermont town.

The season premiere began with an “opening ceremony” of sorts where the contestants were introduced with a parade and concert. Everyone then moved into the house they’ll all be staying in, and got started on the games. The first winter activity was a biathlon, which included cross-country skiing. Kevin, a Canadian contestant, wins the date card for the boys, while Swedish Rebecca wins for the girls.

Kevin decides to take Bibiana and Rebecca asks Canadian Luke. Ashley has the first meltdown of the season because she already had her heart set on Kevin and was crushed when he didn’t choose her as his date.

Other romances already blooming include Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy, who actually seem to have a pretty strong connection, as well as Josiah Graham and New Zealander Ally.

There was also a rose ceremony at the end, which was probably the most confusing part of the episode. Unlike any other rose ceremony, contestants all voted on who they thought deserved to leave, and the five people with the most votes went home. It was kind of rushed and unnecessary this early on in the show. The most surprising loss was Eric Bigger, who had brought a lot of fun and personality to the episode.

While I am a huge fan of all things “Bachelor,” I don’t know how I feel about the show. It almost feels like too much. We already have the spinoff show “Bachelor In Paradise,” and there is already Arie’s season of “The Bachelor” currently on air, so this just seems like overkill. There comes a point where we all need a little bit of a break, and now we have two shows airing at the same time instead of one. The idea of “winter games” also seems slightly trivial, considering most of the show still revolves around contestants just lounging around their luxurious house and trying to find a partner. Since it’s only four episodes I will stick around for the drama, but I don’t see this becoming a regular special.

“The Bachelor Winter Games” airs its next episode Thursday, Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Rating: 2.5/5

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