Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer returns with new single and new sound


It’s been a long five seconds since the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer last acknowledged their fans with new material, about three years to be exact. The four-part Australian pop rock band now slips fans out of amnesia with the release of their new single “Want You Back.”

The single’s release was accompanied by rumors of an album release later in the year, along with the announcement of a summer tour to promote the upcoming album.

“Want You Back” is the first sampling of music from the band since the release of their album “Sounds Good Feels Good” in 2015 and marks a potential shift in sound for 5 Seconds of Summer.

5 Seconds of Summer’s self-titled debut album, as well as their sophomore album “Sounds Good Feels Good,” characterized the band as a cookie-cutter teenage pop-punk band, featuring electric guitars and driving rhythms.

“Want You Back” dials back the edge and toys with the possibility that the band may shift toward a more soft-rock/pop sound. The song features piano and extensive use of synthetic sounds, appealing to the current interests in popular music today.

In their time away from the spotlight, the boys have been working tirelessly in the studio to perfect their third studio album, according to several entertainment sources.

The increased time in the studio has also given the boys an opportunity to take a break from the touring life. Since their debut as a band, 5 Seconds of Summer spent about five years on the road promoting themselves and their two albums.

“After spending the last five years on the road since the age of 16, it was important we took time to reflect as individuals and now we’re coming back stronger and more unified than ever,” the band told Alternative Press. “These songs mean the world to us and we have held nothing back in writing and recording this album.”

Despite their years of absence in the record stores, the band has still maintained their presence in the public sphere. The boys released a concert tour documentary “How Did We End Up Here?” in 2015, released their single “Girls Talk Boys,” featured on the 2016, all-female “Ghostbusters” film and were featured on the track “Take What You Want” by Japanese-based rock band One OK Rock.  

The boys still try to remain active with their fans over social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter where they regularly acknowledge and interact with their devoted fans.

5 Seconds of Summer will begin their summer tour in the United States in mid-April and will bring their music overseas come mid-May.

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