Thirsty Thursday: Mojito


With Spring Break approaching, this week’s drink of the week is a Mojito. (Stock photo/Creative Commons Flickr)

Spring break is just around the corner, meaning many University of Connecticut students will spend this week packing for a well-deserved tropical vacation. Inspired by the warm weather, we decided to serve our take on a Mojito for this week’s Thirsty Thursday. This tropical classic perfectly blends fresh ingredients and white rum, making it ideal for wherever your spring break will take you. Even if you are stuck at home during break, our Mojito is the perfect fit for anyone in the mood for a tropical drink that will not break the bank.


Ten mint leaves

Three small lime wedges

One ounce of simple syrup

Two ounces white rum

Five ounces of club soda

Combine the mint leaves and one lime wedge in a strong glass. Muddle the mint and lime while slowly adding the remaining wedges one by one. Muddling releases the lime and the mint juices, ensuring that the flavor of the ingredients really comes through in the drink. Fill the glass with ice, and pour in the rum. Add the simple syrup and top the glass off with the club soda. Stir to combine. Finish the drink off by garnishing with a spring of mint and an additional lime wedge.

Our mojito is absolutely perfect for any warm weather vacation. Despite our drink having well over a shot’s worth of rum, the taste of the alcohol is by no means over powering. The rum blends seamlessly with the mint and lime, creating a drink that practically screams summer. Alcohol is an essential element for any Spring Break, so be sure that you have our take on a Mojito in your hand as you enjoy a week in the sun.

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