Literature & Liquor: ‘American Psycho’ and Bacardi Superior Rum


Read some "American Psycho," drink some rum and have a good time. (Courtesy/Wikimedia Creative Commons)

Read some “American Psycho,” drink some rum and have a good time. (Courtesy/Wikimedia Creative Commons)

An incredibly controversial and ambitious novel when it was first published back in 1991, “American Psycho” has become a modern classic and one of the most influential depictions of a psychopath. Although Bret Easton Ellis’ book was first scorned by critics who condemned his use of graphic violence and sexuality, his novel pioneered the way for characters with authentic psychopathic tendencies. The extensive vocabulary Ellis employs demonstrates the sheer intelligence of his main character, while delivering each line with a dispassionate tone to create a true psycho.  

“American Psycho” follows the seemingly flawless life of Patrick Bateman, a flourishing Wall Street banker. Bateman eats the finest food at the most luxurious establishments with his elitist friends, has the most expensive clothing and accessories and chases after the most beautiful girls in the city. However, despite living what most Americans would call a dream life, Bateman is never satisfied with his wealth, status and material objects. In order to truly feel alive, Bateman secretly transforms into a methodical serial killer once the sun goes down.

Ellis creates a chilling portrait of a psychopath by allowing readers into the mind of Patrick Bateman. Although from the outside he may seem like a charming and discerning young man, a glimpse into Bateman’s mechanical thought process reveals much more. Every kind gesture is a carefully planned show of humanity and every thoughtful comment is the result of his impeccable ability to determine exactly what people want to hear.

Bateman is a master performer, appearing completely forthright and generous in social situations without ever showing a flicker of real empathy or compassion towards others in his mind. Bateman is so detached from his surroundings that he seems to operate like a machine, even organizing his immaculate morning routine as systematically as he does his murders.

A fitting drink to sip on as you follow Patrick Bateman’s twisted journey is Bacardi Superior Rum. Whereas “American Psycho” is the classic American psychopath novel, Bacardi is the classic rum. Although it is certainly not recognized in either extreme as the best or worst rum on the market, Bacardi is widely appreciated as a decent middle-of-the-road rum. Bacardi is one of the top selling rums for good reason, as it delivers a decent taste for a reasonable price. There is no better rum in terms of this balance.

All of Bacardi’s competitors at the same price point taste closer to turpentine than rum, and any high-quality rum is almost double the price. One of the lightest rums out there, Bacardi has saccharin taste and goes down smooth, surprisingly, without much of a burn. Although it does not have a particularly strong taste when served neat, Bacardi is at its best when mixed with fruit juices or sodas. Although it might not be the top-tier rum on the market, most of us don’t have pockets as deep as Patrick Bateman, and are forced to settle for a balance of flavor and cost.

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