UConn freshman Matthew Wisnefsky seeks Connecticut state senate seat


(Courtesy/Matthew Wisnefsky)

Second-semester finance major Matthew Wisnefsky said he is seeking the role of state senator from the 32nd district because he wants to bring compromise and fair elections back to Connecticut’s legislature.

Wisnefsky, 18, of Southbury, Connecticut, is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for the seat and said he is confident in his ability to be nominated.

“Currently I’m the only registered Democrat running; however, I have heard there are multiple Democrats going for this seat,” Wisnefsky said. “I have been in contact with several town Democratic committees and am very hopeful for the nomination. We’ll see what happens, but I’m very hopeful.”

Wisnefsky said he was compelled to run for political office after the election of President Trump, which he believes caused a degradation of compromise in politics.

“A few things motivated me to run,” Wisnefsky said. “One was the election of Trump and the fact that his far right-wing policies were able to have so much success. Another thing was that not only within the state of Connecticut, but within our entire society, there’s seemed to be a lack of bipartisanship, especially in our politics, and that’s trickled down to within our entire society.”

Wisnefsky said that although he currently does not have a concrete legislative plan, he has three issues he would like to take on if elected.

“My three main goals are to create more bipartisanship, to create a more pro-business environment within the state and to reduce the influence of money within our politics,” Wisnefsky said. “Obviously bipartisanship is definitely my main goal though.“

Wisnefsky said that in alignment with his goal of ensuring fair elections by removing money from politics, he has decided to run his campaign completely free of outside funding, both public and private.

“As part of my platform, because I’m such a big advocate for reducing the influence of money, I’ve chosen to accept no donations at all from donors of any magnitude,” Wisnefsky said. “I plan to rely heavily on social media, newspapers, doing a lot of interviews and I’m going to start going door-to-door, talking to constituents and listening to their concerns.”

Wisnefsky said he believes his political views and perspectives will give him the best chance of uniting the party and defeating the Republican incumbent.

“I think that me being a centrist and focusing a lot on bipartisanship and getting things done will attract more Democratic voters than a potential candidate who may have been further to the left,” Wisnefsky said. “I also think as a young candidate I will bring interesting perspectives to all the issues, and I’m hoping the voters in my district will listen to me.”

Andrew Miano is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at andrew.miano@uconn.edu.

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