Profile of UCTV’s 2018-2019 General Manager Junbo Huang


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UConn Student Television’s (UCTV) 2018-2019 general manager Junbo Huang said he cannot wait to help improve the organization that he loves.

Huang, a sixth-semester communication and psychology major, is currently the director of UConn Student Public Access Network (UCSPAN). This is his third year as a member of UCSPAN, he said.

“I joined UCTV during my first year in the department of UCSPAN,” Huang said in an email. “I used to carry the camera to film all kind of events across campus. The event I remember the most is the five-hour long USG Senate meeting.”

Huang said that as the director of UCSPAN, he helped double the number of events the department covered and triple its membership. He added that he believes his achievements as director will help him in his new role.

“My success secures UCTV’s stewardship toward its constituents and also provides more opportunities for students to participate in UCTV,” Huang said. “I am the only candidate who applied internally from UCTV, which gave me a unique perspective that other applicants were not able to possess. All these elements contributed to my qualifications for the general manager position.”

Huang said he looks forward to developing his leadership skills and improving UCTV as general manager.

“For the past three years as a UCTV member, I observed a lot of shortcomings of this organization,” Huang said.  “I love UCTV so much; therefore, I felt that I have the obligation and responsibility to serve.”

Huang said that as general manager, he will aim to help develop new ideas and encourage members to achieve their full capabilities.

“We have so many great ideas, and I can’t wait to help everyone to make these ideas come true,” Huang said.

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