Profile of USG’s 2018-2019 President Ama Appiah


(Photo supplied by writer)

(Photo supplied by writer)

Undergraduate Student Government’s (USG) 2018-2019 president Ama Appiah said she is excited to have the opportunity to directly interact with administrators and students to bridge the gap between the two groups in her new role.

Appiah, a sixth-semester molecular and cell biology and communications major, was elected president by undergraduate students in March 2018, she said.

Appiah said she has been involved in USG since the second semester of her freshman year as an elected College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) senator. She currently serves as Chairwoman of USG’s Academic Affairs Committee, she said.

Appiah said her role as president will include representing the needs of the undergraduate student body and collaborating with students and organizations.

“ [I will be helping] student organizations and their leaders to seek input for informed decision-making, maintain effective working relationships with administrators staff and faculty and build external relationships to further student interests,” Appiah said in an email.

Appiah wished to be president because she wants to make sure that students are getting access to as many resources as possible during their undergraduate career, she said.

“I believe that my enthusiasm for education can encourage students to take the steps necessary to take ownership of their university experience and incite excitement in the numerous opportunities available to them,” Appiah said. “I am determined to help put the student body in a direction that is independent, supportive and ambitious.”

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