Everyone’s a model at Project Fashion’s fashion show


Students at the fashion show also discussed what is fashionable right now. (Jon Sammis/The Daily Campus)

The lights may have been bright but they didn’t seem to bother any of the University of Connecticut students strutting their stuff and posing for pictures at Project Fashion’s fashion show Thursday night. The fashion show, which was held in the Student Union Ballroom, was actually an open photo shoot, and anyone was welcome to come and take pictures under different lighting setups and backdrops that Project Fashion members had set up. Many enthusiastic and fashionable undergrads turned out for the event ready for their close-ups.

The fashion show, one of the many Spring Weekend events, provided a casual atmosphere for those interested in fashion to discuss new trends and the importance of fashion in one’s self-expression.

Many of the students at the event spoke about how fashion provides an immediate clue to one’s personality.

“It’s a way to express yourself without any words,” Madison Platow, a second-semester  environmental science major who attended the event, said.

“I think it’s just…a part of who I am. There’s the inner me and there’s the outer me,” Bradley D’Amato, an eighth-semester communications and psychology major, said. He went on to say how your fashion choices can express your personality and give you more confidence in your body.

Other students touched on how fashion is fun because it is constantly evolving, as well as how fashion can be important to first impressions.

Students at the fashion show also discussed what is fashionable right now. There were many different answers, including white sneakers, boyfriend jeans, light vests, windbreakers, tucked-in T-shirts and pastel colors. D’Amato predicted sandals with graphic socks would be popular.

“It’s part of the expression,” D’Amato said of the trend of highly visible and colorful socks.

At the fashion show, students also chatted about when they first became interested in fashion.

Platow said that for her, it was a fashion class in her high school.

D’Amato described how his interest in fashion began when he wore white jeans and silver sneakers in eighth grade and someone in his class made a comment on his outfit. He described how his style has matured and recommends thrift shops, as well as stores like Good Will and Savers, for cool finds.

Second-semester Project Fashion member Hillary Karl-otto said she started becoming more interested in clothes when she got her own job.

“I started using my own money [so] that I could buy my own clothes, and my mom wasn’t…shoving her style down my throat,” Karl-otto joked.

Project Fashion wanted to host this Spring Weekend event as their last one of the year.

“It would be a fun way to kind of end [the year] off,” Karl-otto said. “We wanted everyone to come in with their own personal style.”

Members would like to expand the club’s impact and activities in the future. In addition to hosting more fashion shows, club secretary Emma Stark said she hopes to see the club go to New York or Los Angeles Fashion Week.

While Project Fashion aims to bring together people who enjoy fashion, club members want to create a welcoming space for everyone to express themselves.

“If you’re interested in spreading a positive message or being comfortable with who you are and the way you present yourself, you should feel like you’re just as active and important a member of Project Fashion as anybody who shows up with designer products,” John Bertenshaw, a second-semester communications major and Project Fashion member, said.

Stephanie Santillo is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at stephanie.santillo@uconn.edu.

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