Letter From the Editor: Save student newsrooms


Dear Readers,

Southern Methodist University’s student-run newspaper, also called The Daily Campus, will be absorbed by SMU’s journalism department after 90 years of independent production. In response, Melissa Gomez, Editor-in-Chief of The Independent Florida Alligator at the University of Florida established today, April 25, as ‘Save Student Newsrooms’ day. Over 200 student newspaper leaders from across the country responded with their support for the campaign.

This is my last week as Editor-in-Chief for the Daily Campus here at UConn. As the student leader of UConn’s independent, student-run newspaper for just a little while longer, there was no way I was going to miss out on the chance to speak about the importance of keeping independent newspapers alive.

The world needs student journalists now more than ever. It’s crucial to have an outlet that reports on what is happening on and around campus, without the involvement of the university and/or its journalism department. Not only that, but student newsrooms provide a richer environment for students to grow. At the Daily Campus, we don’t just welcome and train journalism majors; we have members from across a wide spectrum of majors delving right into what we pride ourselves on as a real-world journalism experience.

I’ve seen firsthand the impact that this newspaper has at this university. We’ve uncovered and published major stories no matter the reflection they had on UConn, and our student journalists are not afraid to call out individuals, whether in sports columns or in news exposés. Even though these stories, to be frank, do not make UConn ‘look good,’ we publish stories like this because we are confident in our independence and UConn’s recognition of it. As an independent news source, we have the honor and responsibility of providing fair, unbiased coverage that we believe students on this campus need to know.

Thanks for reading, UConn, keep it up; you know damn sure we’re going to keep writing.


Molly Stadnicki

Editor in Chief

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