Songs to add to your “Summer 2018” playlist


Summer vacation is almost here and we’re all looking for new music to add to our beach playlist. (Marco Verch/Flickr Creative Commons)

Summer vacation is almost here and we’re all looking for new music to add to our beach playlist. During the last week, while the temperatures have finally started to rise, the summer anthems have begun to drop. Khalid, Ariana Grande, The Chainsmokers and Liam Payne are a few of the big names that have dropped singles since April 20.

Ariana Grande released the single “No Tears Left To Cry” from her upcoming fourth studio album. The song marks the pop stars’ return to music after the tragic Manchester Arena Bombing, which caused her to cancel her 2017 tour. Grande makes the single as joyful and encouraging as possible in response to the tragedy, singing “Ain’t got no tears left to cry. So I’m picking it up, picking it up. I’m loving, I’m living, I’m picking it up.”

In an instagram post, she commented that she hopes the song “makes you wanna dance and live ya best life!” Overall, it’s incredible that Ariana Grande has created a positive out of such a horrible tragedy. “No Tears Left To Cry” is catchy and upbeat, and will be one of the top hits of the summer of 2018.

Ex-One Direction member Liam Payne also released a new single called “Familiar” featuring Columbian reggaeton superstar J. Balvin. I’m convinced that no one is better than J. Balvin at making songs that make you want to dance and this single shows it. The bilingual track includes a catchy Spanish guitar and a quick reggae beat.

UCONNIC performer Khalid released his new single “OTW” on April 20, just eight days after putting on a stellar performance in Storrs. The melodic and smooth R&B song features 6LACK and Ty Dolla $ign. Overall, the song is excellently produced and Khalid effortlessly makes a memorable chorus with his crisp vocals. Out of all the recently released music, “OTW” is at the top and an early candidate for song of the summer.

The kings of creating summer anthems, The Chainsmokers, released a short four-song EP called “Sick Boy” last week. The EP includes the songs, “Somebody,” “Everybody Hates Me,” “You Owe Me” and “Sick Boy.” Once again, the EDM superstars did not disappoint, as all four of these songs could stand out alone as a summer hit. This EP provides listeners with a mixture of bass-heavy electronic beats and relaxed vocals. “Everybody Hates Me” is my favorite song from the bunch. It wouldn’t surprise me if one or more of these songs ends up with over a billion listens on Spotify as past summer anthems by this group have.

For all the country fans out there, the duo from Sugarland also just released a new single called “Babe” featuring Taylor Swift. The song, originally written by Swift, was released on April 20 as the second single on Sugarland’s upcoming new album “Bigger.” The acoustic country tune is a nice mixture of the lead vocals by Jennifer Nettles and background vocals by Taylor Swift. The topic of the song is, of course, a breakup.

Along with these popular recently released songs, here are a few more summer anthems by smaller artists to check out. “Little Victories” by Malia Civetz, “Way Low” by Karl Wolf, “I Don’t Mind” by THE WLDLIFE and “All Or Nothing” by Naughty Boy.

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