Construction and move-in weekend spell detours, one-ways and closed roads for students


(File photo/The Daily Campus)

(File photo/The Daily Campus)

With over 12,300 students moving into the residence halls this weekend, construction, along with vehicular and pedestrian traffic will leave the streets of the University of Connecticut packed. However, UConn officials said that measures are being taken to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

“Most of the major summer construction at Storrs is scheduled to be wrapped up by Friday, although drivers could experience some spots where traffic patterns are changed as projects are completed,” said UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz in a press release sent out Thursday.

Freshmen move-in day begins Friday, with residence halls becoming open for upperclassmen move-ins on Saturday and Sunday, according to the release. While Hillside Road and North Eagleville have since completed their summer renovations and are now open for full traffic, certain roads will be modified to accommodate for traffic, according to the release.

Many areas will be made one-way for the weekend, according to the release. Alumni Drive, between Hillside Road and Hilltop Apartments, will be one way throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The service road into the Alumni Quad will also be one-way.

Though North Eagleville Road is once again two-way, Glenbrook Road is no longer accessible by turning left from east-flowing North Eagleville Road, according to the UConn Construction website.

As well, starting on Aug. 27 and running until Oct. 1, Jim Calhoun Way will be closed to traffic from Separatist Road to I Lot, though access to the lot will still be possible from the campus side, according to the website.

Bus lines will not start operating until Monday, according to the release. The recently-altered bus routes have drawn ire from the student body due to its redirected routes and increased wait times in certain areas.

Drivers are encouraged to practice caution when driving through campus and to watch for pedestrians and other vehicles, Reitz said in the release. As well, GPS services should be considered unreliable, since they do not reflect traffic and temporary one-ways.

“Drivers who are not part of move-in or work-related traffic are being encouraged to use alternate routes on and around the Storrs campus during daylight hours Friday and over the weekend to avoid delays from the heavier-than-usual traffic and detours,” Reitz said.

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