Dining Services: Renames, vegetarian options and shorter hours


There are a few changes coming students’ way this year in terms of dining services. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

University of Connecticut students can expect a variety of changes to UConn Dining Services for the 2018-2019 academic year, including a rebranding of Chuck and Augie’s, an expansion of plant-based dishes, and changes in hours to Northwest Dining Hall, said Dennis Pierce, Director of Dining Services.

The Union-based sit-down restaurant Chuck and Augie’s has been rebranded, now offering a new French-style menu, and a new look; including new chairs, music, and decorations, according to Pierce. The restaurant will now be called Bistro on Union Street. Though there was a decrease in customers at Chuck and Augie’s, Pierce said he is hopeful the restaurant will now attract more students after the rebranding.

“Students will still be able to use their points after 3 p.m at the restaurant,” Pierce said.

As UConn Dining Services continues its effort to promote plant-forward dining and sustainability, menu changes were made over the summer to include more vegetarian and vegan options through the dining halls and Union Street Market, Pierce said.

The South Campus Dining Hall servery will now feature an area specifically designated for vegan and vegetarian dishes, which will be located where the pasta station used to be during the last academic year, Pierce said.

The Union Street Market will feature more vegetarian and vegan friendly options, in accordance with Menus of Change, a group of campus dining representatives and faculty from select institutions, representing approximately 45 colleges and universities to support improvements in public health, support the environment, and to address concerns within the foodservice and culinary industries, according to the Menus of Change website.

A section of the Union Street Market will be renamed, along with additions to the food court menus, Pierce said.

“Fireside at the Student Union will now be called Bowls Without Borders,”  Pierce said.

In addition to the name change, Bowls Without Borders will carry a menu cycle based on Menus of Change. Students can expect meals with less red meat, more plant-based foods, more grains, less salt, and less sugar, said Pierce.

Chefs came across a new recipe this summer that will now be available at One Plate Two Plate: soy savory marinated carrots cooked and served in a rotisserie style, similar to hot dogs, Pierce said. The dish provides the same mouthfeel as a hot dog, Pierce said, yet contains entirely non meat material.

In addition to menu changes, there are changes in hours to Northwest Dining Hall. Northwest Dining Hall is no longer open on Friday and Saturday. Students will still be able to access North Dining Hall, which is in close proximity to Northwest, Pierce said.

Students can also look forward to more renovations and changes in the upcoming academic year. Whitney Dining Hall will undergo renovation of a new severy and dining hall area, beginning in May 2019 and is expected to be available to students in the Fall semester of 2019, Pierce said.

Kristina Carretero is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at kristina.carretero@uconn.edu.

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