Top 5 clothing essentials for your first year of college


These must-haves will get you through a semester in Storrs. (Emily May/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Shopping is one of the best parts of a new school year: picking out your notebooks, choosing a rug for your dorm, selecting the perfect backpack to show off your personal style. But school supplies and dorm decor aren’t the only things to shop for in the beginning weeks of your freshman year. Clothes are just as important in making you feel confident and ready to begin college in style. Here’s a list of the top five articles of clothing necessary for your first year of college.

Some UConn T-shirts

The first couple weeks of freshman year you’re going to be bombarded with free UConn t-shirts. These shirts are usually big and unisex, and while they can be great as extra sleeping or gym shirts, they can just as easily be repurposed into cute tailgate attire. There are tons of videos on YouTube that show step-by-step videos for converting baggy t-shirts into cute halter tops, off-the-shoulder tees and t-shirt dresses to make you stand out on gameday. Free t-shirts + easy DIYs = a happy tailgating Husky.

A pair of Converse/Vans/Keds that you don’t mind getting dirty

Whether you’re going to a tailgate or going out for the night, there’s a chance that your shoes may end up getting a little dirty by the end of the weekend. Having a pair of knock-around sneakers that you don’t mind getting a little muddy will alleviate any worries. These can be a pair of Converse or a $10 pair of plain canvas sneakers from Walmart. I’ve found that dirt washes off leather sneakers much easier than canvas, so if you’re looking to splurge on a pair of nice going-out sneakers leather is definitely the way to go.

A versatile handbag

While a normal backpack will do the trick for carrying books to and from classes, it’s great to have an additional purse or handbag to use for everything from going out for a casual lunch with friends to going out during the weekend. The more compact, the better: a cute crossbody that has just enough room to fit your phone, keys and wallet is the way to go. By carrying a bag you don’t need to worry about anything falling out of your pockets and you’ll be able to move around with comfort and ease.

A jean skirt

Transitional pieces are essential for college: both your bank account and your lack of closet space will thank you! A jean skirt is a perfect piece that can easily transition from day to night. Dress it down with a cute polo tee and canvas sneakers to wear to class; then add a belt, a nice black top and a pair of platforms to wear out that same night.

A nice jean and/or leather jacket

Let’s be real: it gets cold during the winter here in Storrs, CT. While you may not want to wear your heavy puffer coat out during a weekend night, going completely coat-less usually isn’t the best idea, either. Having a nicer jacket to wear out during the cold months will keep you from completely freezing while still looking stylish and not being a burden to carry around all night. The trick is finding a jacket that goes with everything, which is why denim and leather are usually the safest (and trendiest) ways to go.

Lucie Turkel is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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