I watched Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ and I wish I hadn’t


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“Insatiable” premiered on Netflix on Aug. 10, but even before its release the show was subject to heavy criticism. When the trailer first came out, people accused the show of fat-shaming and supporting the idea that people’s lives only matter once they become skinny. But after watching the first episode, it’s clear that this is the least of the show’s problems.

The series follows the story of Patty, played by Debby Ryan, a girl who lived her entire high school career being bullied and harassed because of her weight. After a homeless man punches her, she gets her jaw wired shut, and as a result, she loses a lot of weight. Everyone at school suddenly thinks she’s “hot” and begins treating her differently.

The trailer makes the plot seem like a fun “Heathers”-style story, with Patty endeavoring to get revenge on everyone who made her life miserable.

“I could be the former fatty who turned into a brain, or an athlete or a princess,” Patty says in the trailer. “No. I’d rather have revenge.”

But the show is so, so much worse. It’s meant to be satire, but it misses the mark entirely. It’s cringey and so over-the-top I wanted to be sick. If you haven’t watched it yet and still want to, your spoiler warning begins here.

Most of the first episode revolves around Patty falling head-over-heels in love with her defense attorney, Bob, who just so happens to also be a coach for beauty pageant girls on the side. He sees Patty as a chance to redeem himself in the beauty pageant world after his last client falsely accused him of sexually assaulting her.

I don’t like seeing Netflix support the idea of falsely accusing people of sexual assault, especially when such a tiny percentage of actual accusations are fake. God knows we don’t need to give people more reasons not to believe victims, not to mention that the scene where the accusation occurs uses a slur for transgender people as the end of a joke.

On top of this, Patty’s best friend is in love with her, and the show constantly pokes fun at this. The show is satirical, but it just doesn’t work. It’s such a mess that I honestly have to wonder who approved the script.

I have no idea how people can sit through the entire series. By the end of the first episode, Patty was trying to break up Bob’s marriage because she fell in love with him. Another drunk and underaged girl then cornered Bob in her bedroom and took off her shirt in front of him. I was so insanely uncomfortable I got up and started pacing the room waiting for certain scenes to end.

The second episode only gets worse, with Regina, the client who accused Bob of sexually assaulting her daughter, having an affair and sleeping with Brick, the boy Patty has a crush on. And yes, you heard me right. His name is Brick. I don’t know why this show insists on having so many adult/teen relationships, but it is highly uncomfortable.

I’m not about to spend eight hours of my life watching minors try to sleep with adults. Netflix keeps trying to make shows that teach teens life lessons, and they’re horrible at it. If they had stuck with the revenge plot, the show could have actually been good, but I can’t even begin to explain how uncomfortable the actual plot is.

All and all, save yourself and don’t bother watching this show. Your life will be 100 percent better.

Rating: 0/5

Courtney Gavitt is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at courtney.gavitt@uconn.edu.

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