Roundtable: Which UConn football game are you most excited for?


Ahead of this season's kick off against UCF, the DC Sports section debates the outcome of this year's football season. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

Ahead of this season’s kick off against UCF, the DC Sports section debates the outcome of this year’s football season. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

The UConn football season kicks off tonight, when the Huskies take on No. 21 UCF at the Rent. Earlier in the week, two of our writers debated whether the team can top their three-win record from a year ago. Today, the DC Sports department reveals which upcoming games they have circled on their calendars.

Matt Barresi – Staff Writer

Personally, I am most excited for the UMass game in late October. UMass is actually good this year, or at least not bad. They are striving to reach a bowl game and have a real chance. The talent levels are relatively equal, but in all likelihood this will be a must-win for the Minutemen if they have any shot at a Bowl. On the Huskies’ end, in what could be a pitiful season that has several projected losses early in the season, it could be a can’t-lose in terms of saving grace. Both teams will be going all out. Plus, UConn is still UMass’ big brother in regional sports. We need to preserve that spot, but the game will be a litmus test for how salvageable this whole thing is. It is a rivalry game and, with ticket sales plummeting, at least a nearby squad that festers some animosity will hopefully bring some fans and vigor to Rentschler. Is it going to be the best game? Perhaps not but I am confident it’s going to be fun, competitive and meaningful for all parties.

Matt Severino – Campus Correspondent

The most intriguing game in my eyes is the matchup against East Carolina on Nov. 17.  This game certainly brings back some rough memories. Last year, the kickoff temperature was somewhere around 90 degrees, which resulted in everyone walking around campus sunburned for the next week. The game itself was forgettable for a slew of reasons. First, the Huskies started off slowly as they always seemed to do and found themselves down 27-14 at half. If that wasn’t bad enough, they managed to give everyone a reason to hang around when they cut the deficit to three by the middle of the fourth quarter. The icing on the cake was watching the offense march down the field in the final minute only to miss a chip shot field goal that would have sent the game to overtime. A little revenge would be greatly appreciated. It is a must-win game if the team wants any chance at becoming bowl-eligible this season.

Jorge Eckardt – Campus Correspondent

I’m most excited for the game against our one FCS opponent, URI. It’s the third game of the season, and the first that UConn has a realistic chance of winning. After opening up the season at home against the self-proclaimed “National Champions” UCF Knights and then traveling to the blue turf to play Boise State, watching an actual competitive football game will be a nice change of pace. UConn should come out on top, but nothing is guaranteed. In last season’s FCS game against Holy Cross, the Crusaders put up one hell of a fight and arguably deserve to win the game. It will be fun to see if the Rams can also give the Huskies a run for their money, though I wouldn’t mind watching a blowout win either.

Kevin Arnold – Campus Correspondent

I’m excited for the Huskies to face the Rams from URI this year, but not exactly for the on-the-field matchups. Anyone with a brother or sister knows that sibling rivalries can get pretty intense and, with my younger sister starting classes at URI in less than a week, Thanksgiving break bragging rights are on the line in this one. Regardless, this should be an interesting matchup as this seems to be one of the few games UConn has a chance of winning this season, especially with Rhode Island being a FCS team. Hopefully, the Huskies can “steal” a win from the Rams when they visit the Rent on Sept. 15. If they can’t, at least we still have Dan Hurley.

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